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Power Unlimited (Jun, 2001)
Een klein lichtpuntje is de Two player-cooperative mode waarin je lekker samen kunt knallen. Hoewel, wat heb je daar aan? Kun je met zijn tweeën een flutspel spelen, gezellig!
Visually, the game doesn't pack much of a punch. In fact, the graphics often get in the way of gameplay. The perspective is such that objects in the distance are almost impossible to discern. When the screen gets chock full of enemies and their shots, things often slow to a crawl, as well. All in all, the world looks awfully generic, but not half as generic as the repetitive enemy hordes that assaults the player. Likewise, the sound effects and music are extremely generic. One wouldn't expect anything different from the developers of every other sub-par Army Men game littering store shelves.
Är man två kan man på ett helt annat sätt hålla ut mot de taskigt animerade plastsoldaterna som kastas emot en i våg efter våg. Anledningen till att man klarar av att bekämpa dessa plastmissfoster är inte att man åt sin gröt på morgonen, utan för att man är en gen(plast)manipulerad supersoldat! Så det är i formen av en syntetterminator som man inser att - implementerad Co-op Mode till trots - det finns ytterst lite att hämta i 3DO:s senaste förstärkning Army Men: Omega Soldier. Tyvärr!
30 (May 11, 2001)
Avec cet Omega Soldier, la série des Army Men compte aujourd'hui pas moins de 15 titres, toutes machines confondues. Ce dernier opus se présente comme un shoot à la troisième personne, mais sa mauvaise réalisation et la médiocrité de son gameplay en font un titre véritablement décevant. A éviter !
PSX Nation (Jul 10, 2001)
Ask yourself this folks. With all the videogames out there (old and new) that you haven't rented/bought, or games in your collection that you haven't even bothered finishing yet (come on, we all have a few of these skeletons in our closets... literally!), why on Earth would you waste cash/time/grey matter on "Green Rogue"?
NowGamer (Apr 27, 2001)
Top this off with almost non-existent level design, sticky scenery and a frame rate which beggars belief, and you’ve a game which is bad on a totally new level. Omega Soldier’s release doesn’t just highlight its developer’s incompetence with a C compiler, but 3DO’s utter contempt for the consumer. Omega Soldier? Omega Straw more like.