Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 Credits


DirectorTim May
Technical DirectorBob Smith
Creative DirectorMichael Mendheim
Art DirectorNina Stanley
Executive ProducerNicholas Beliaeff
ProducerErich Waas
ProductionDavid A. Lucca
Lead ProgrammerJoel Dinolt
ProgrammersIsaac Bender, Burke Drane
Additional ProgrammingChris Bannock, Keeseok Jeong, Yung Kao, Olivier Lhermite, Andy Yelland, Zareh Johannes (as ZZKJ), Steve Woita
Lead ArtistDalma Bolech
ArtistsMichael Groark, Shaowei Liu, Brian Steffel, Lance Charnes, Louise Bell, Christopher Opdahl, Aaron Merriman
Additional ArtMichael Vaverka, Klee Miller, GlyphX
Lead DesignerBenjamin Cholewinski
Level Layout ManagerAlbert Chen
DesignersNeil Musser, Charles Huenergardt, Chris Cates, Tony Coates, Alfred Dutton, Christopher Crawford, Egan Hirvela
AudioBarry Blum, Brian Min, John Baker, Lance Page, Sounds included in this recording are from the percussive adventures sound library.
Sounds Produced byChristopher Page (for East West Communications Inc.)
MoviesMichael P. Kennedy, Vadim Grigoriev, Leonid Starkov, Andrey Rubetskoi, Jane Sommerhauser, Inna Cherneykina, Nels Potts, 4 Elements Studios
WriterFlint Dille
VoiceJim Cummings, Susan Blu, Nika Futterman
TestersJeremy Mahler, Robert Vostry, Chris Williams, Richard Cummings, Josh Riemersma, Kevin Fullmer, Adam Hicklin, Tomas Allen, Chris Wheeler, Eloyd Als, John Berran
Special ThanksLaura Kirkpatrick, Elise Lachowyn, Karlito, James Farley, Tod Frye (as Todd Frye), Trip Hawkins

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (43451)