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ATV: Quad Power Racing (Game Boy Advance)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

ATV: Quad Power Racing Credits

Tantalus Interactive

ProducerJohn Szoke
Lead ProgrammerPaul Seedy
ProgramersChris Naylor, Matthew Hall, Stuart McMahon
Lead ArtistsGuy Ratcliffe, Diem Tao
AnimationEmma Kelly
ArtistsJohn Zheng, Adam Moder
DesignJohn Szoke, Stephen Handbury
Chief Technical OfficerAndrew Bailey
Studio ManagerArthur Kakouris
Systems ManagerTrevor Nuridin
Chief Executive OfficerTom Crago
Sound ‑ SoundfirmJames Tutton, Andrew Brown, Ben Thomas, Chris Goodes, Andrew Ward Lindsay
Special ThanksAngela Hone, David Lally, Stephen Handbury, Everyone At Tantalus, Everyone At Acclaim

Acclaim Entertainment

Vice President Of US BrandEvan Stein
Senior Brand Manager AKA AcclaimZachary Smith
Creative DirectorScott Jenkins
Graphic DesignerMarina Rujevic
Traffic ManagerLisa Koch
Senior Manager Trade Marketing And SalesDan Garcia
Digital Media DirectorJack Scalici
Public Relations DirectorAlan B. Lewis
Public Relations CoordinatorMatthew Schlosberg
Senior VP Product Development and OperationsJohn Ma
VP External Product DevelopmentBrett Gow
Producer James Craddock
Special ThanksJennie Racanelli
QA ManagerBrian Regan
QA SupervisorsBill Handworth, Matthew Canonico
Senior Lead AnalystsBonchi Martinez, Martin Glantz
Lead AnalystJames Ackermann, Argressor Sample
Project LeadsLloyd Thompson, Robert Boucher
Game TestersAl Gatling, Christian Johnson, Ted Scheriff, Perry Radoszycki, Chris Zith
Mastering and Replication ManagerChristopher Maher
Mastering and Replication SupervisorLeigh Busch
Mastering and Replication TechniciansJoshua Rogers, Christopher Rappo

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Credits for this game were contributed by Gassey (55)