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The Video Game Critic (Nov 07, 2006)
The impressive 3D objects and textured roads look like something out of a Playstation One title - pretty good! Your seven opponents are equally spaced out on each track, and you can employ power-ups to overtake them. Speed boosts are the most useful, and others give you extra "air" or allow you to "stick" to the road. My biggest issue with the game is its password save feature. It's bad enough you have to write down a password, but instead of letters, the passwords are composed of odd symbols! ATV isn't great, but its clean visuals and fair difficulty managed to hold my attention.
GameZone (Sep 26, 2002)
Overall, I am sad to say that this game wasn’t more of what it definitely could have been. Even with the great graphics and all the fun of ATV racing, the overall gameplay and length cause it to run out of gas at the finish line. If you’re a fan of ATV racing or riding, you might get more enjoyment out of this title than others, but I would still recommend to buy with caution.
Game Chronicles (Oct 02, 2002)
Looks aren’t every thing and while Quad Power Racing has got the looks, there is really nothing much else there. The lack of a battery save and multiplayer are annoying and with its lack luster racing action players would do well to look elsewhere for their racing fix.
Which lesser of two evils was ATV born from: a tech demo of some good scrolling, or the need to bring the series to the Game Boy Advance? The game hardly distinguishes itself otherwise. Your ride’s handling is fun as you slip in and out of curves, but the racing itself is rather pedestrian. The title’s difficulty is so easy that I almost finished the game without ever losing a race. Whip donuts in the dirt with your ATV if you want to go in circles; just don’t play this game.
Auch wenn ATV: Quad Power Racing auf Acclaims hippem Label AKA erscheint, ist hier weder Fun noch Sport angesagt: Das Spiel ist einfach nur langweilig. Mit neun verschiedenen Geländefahrzeugen heizt du über zehn verschiedene Strecken auf der ganzen Welt. Mehr als Bestzeiten knacken gibt es dabei aber nicht zu tun. Bis auf ein paar unspektakuläre Sprünge finden sich im Spiel keinerlei Stunts. Einziger Kaufgrund ist die sagenhafte Grafik. Die Landschaften und die Objekte gehören zum Besten, was es derzeit auf dem GBA zu sehen gibt. Schade, denn auch das Rennfeeling stimmt. Wer also alle zehn Strecken bewundert hat, wird das Modul schnell in die Ecke verfrachten, denn schöne Grafik begeistert nicht ewig.
IGN (Aug 29, 2002)
As impressed as I am with the game's graphic quality, I can't say I'm thrilled with the gameplay. Other than the impressive game engine, the design of ATV is extremely low-frills with very little challenge or variety. The first circuit is a breeze to blow through, and it was only midway through circuit two where I actually lost my first race. Circuit three was a bit more difficult to beat, but the technique of remembering power-up locations made it a lot easier to win. The lack of cartridge save, link cable support, and any real challenge makes it hard to recommend this admittedly slick-looking racer.
Gaming Target (Sep 15, 2002)
Ever since the Game Boy Advance released more than a year ago, the handheld system has housed a number of racing games that never seem to cease production. To vary a player’s experience, developers have sought out options such as creating racers with a slightly altered premise just like they have seen done on the home consoles in order to compensate for similar over produced genres. From this, we receive an assortment of racing types including motorbike, rally, kart, and now ATV. Acclaim is leading the way with ATV Quad Power Racing and because of that, has somewhat of an edge on the four-wheel off-road racing action. Despite this fact and the impressive appearance the game’s screenshots initially give, ATV falls short of anything remarkable, only to end up falling in with so many others.
GameSpot (Oct 07, 2002)
ATV Quad Power Racing looks great and that's it. Although no single aspect of this game is terrible, the overall package is unquestionably dull and limited.
The Next Level (Oct 18, 2001)
Simply put, ATV Quad Power Racing an exhaustingly awful game with programming you'd expect to see in a flash movie and tracks that were probably made with a half-finished level editor from a freeware site. Exhume the ET carts from its landfill sepulchre, or at least make some room next to it, because there is no reason for garbage like this to exist in the range of human decency and no place for it on our planet's immediate surface. Absolutely pathetic.