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NowGamer (Mar 01, 1998)
The main criticism of BeastWars would have to be the difficulty. Even on the easy difficulty, you’ll find your transformer constantly getting blown to bits after about 30 seconds. However, once you’ve mastered not getting killed immediately you’ll find BeastWars Transformers quite an enjoyable romp, although its not in the same league as MDK, not by a long shot! Nothing more than average.
Gamezilla (1998)
Beast Wars Transformers is a decent game, but I must admit that I was disappointed. When you have the kind of characters that are as well established as the Transformers are, you find yourself hoping for a really killer game. In the end, it fell short of my rather high expectations. Beast Wars was pretty tough, and even the easy levels are fairly unforgiving. I like the Transformers and was excited about this game when I got it, but in the end, I found myself getting a bit frustrated with the gameplay. Not being able to save a game in the middle of a level was something that I didn't like, and I found myself starting each mission over and over again. It was extremely frustrating. However, if you are a fan of the show -- and like a game that will challenge you -- you might want to give Beast Wars Transformers a try.
GameSpot (Feb 24, 1998)
In general, Beast Wars is a tolerable over-the-shoulder shooter. Aside from targeting issues, control is adequate. Design has some interesting elements but isn't long on detail. Of course, one can't help but think that the game would have been better if it were based on the original "cars, trucks, jets, and tape decks" Transformers series instead of all these silly animals. And hey, how long has it been since you've played a shooting game with onscreen points - that's right, points? There's even a high-score page you can check out. Go figure.
Game Revolution (May, 1998)
Beast Wars was not all I expected it to be. After watching the cartoon, I expected to see the same kind of animation used in the game, but it almost seems as if the game was a knock-off of the real thing. The levels are drawn well, but the robots in beast mode was very disappointing. Combine the average graphics with the slow and unresponsive control and the result is a game not worthy to bear the Transformers name.
IGN (Nov 16, 1998)
In the end, Beast Wars Transformers is a frustrating gaming experience that no one should have to go through. Aren't you glad you've got me to take the lashes for you?