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Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (PlayStation)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Credits


Production LeadDenis Dyack
Art LeadDarren Cranford, Kevin Gordon, Ken McCulloch
Graphic Team LeadScott Collie, Scott Derby
GraphicsRyan Andrews, Tony Ascroft, Al Grace, Clint Green, Brad Ryan, Phil Tauro
Lead ProgrammerDenis Dyack
Programming Team LeadClint Lipczynski, Andrew Summerfield
ProgrammersAndrew Bates, Rick Goertz, Doug Tooley
Lead DesignerSeth Carus, Armando Marini, Ken McCulloch
DesignerAlbert Alejandro, Riley Cooper, J. Epps, Chazz Geiwitz, Jack Meier, Rodney Rapp, Kenny Reeves, Josh Rose, Eric Simonich, Ted Traver, Caroline Trujillo, Jaime Wojick
Marketing ManagerJim Curry
Vicepresident MarketingScott A. Steinberg
Marketing ActivisionHenry Siegel, Marc Metis
ConceptDenis Dyack
Blood Omen - Story and MythologyDenis Dyack, Ken McCulloch
Original FilmscriptKen McCulloch
Edited FilmscriptJim Curry, D. G. Chichester
Original In‑game ScriptKen McCulloch
Edited GamescriptSheatiel Sarao, Seth Carus, Jim Curry
Design ManagerAmy Hennig
ProducersRick Goertz, Lyle J. Hall, Joshua Marks, Mark Wallace, Jeffrey M. Zwelling
ProductionJonathan Miller
Activision ProducerJason Kay
Additional GraphicsRoss Cutler, Mike Tweedle
Programming SupportAdrian Longland
IGOT‑Tool‑SupportSean Vikoren
MusicSteven S. Henifin
Additional MusicScott Lloyd Shelly
Video‑SoundeffectsDenis Dyack, David Nelson, Outpost Studios, James LeBrecht
Cinematic FoleyDavid Nelson (Outpost Studios)
In‑Game Sound EffectsDenis Dyack, Earl Vickers
Video Voiceover LeadTodd Bonzung
Game Voiceover LeadMaddy Bascom
VoicesSimon Templeman (as Kain), Tony Jay (as Mortanius & William the Just), Paul Lukather (as Vorador & Bane), Richard Doyle (as Moebius & Nupraptor & Anacrothe), Anna Gunn (as Ariel & Azimuth & DeJoule), Neil Ross (as Malek & Ottmar & Dollmaker)
Sound SupportMark Miller
Test ManagerAlex Ness
Lead TesterSheatiel Sarao
Additional Lead TestersRich Krinock, Steve Papoutsis
TestersAnthony Borba, Attilio Brandi, Jeremy Bredow, Mike Brown, Christopher Bruno, James Cabot, Shun Chang, Casey Craig, Joseph M. Damon, Kris DeMartini, David Dao, Mitch Giampaoli, Karl Hagemann, Billy King, Doug Leslie, Craig Lonciero, Samson Maciel, Sean McGrath, Scott Matt, Daniel Miley, Billy Mitchell, C. Matthew Prescott, Bret Robbins, Jim Reuter, Jason Sinclair, Samuel Villanueva, Patrick Walsh, Jeffrey Wilkinson, John Yanik, Matthew Young
DocumentationCarol Ann Hanshaw
Thanks ToKaryn DePetris, Ross Lillo
Special Thanks ToTom Carey, John Mitterer, Lyle J. Hall

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