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Game Zero (Jul, 1996)
Almost a year overdue, I found Braindead 13 to be worth the wait. Of course, this is a biased statement because I actually like FMV games and always have since Dragon's Lair hit the arcades back in 1983. I find it curious that after ReadySoft's less than stellar conversion of Space Ace, this in-house production is the best this genre has to offer. Braindead 13 offers top notch animation full of hyperkinetic action and humor, and sets higher interactivity standards than any of its toon predecessors. But as is usual with this type of game, once you've seen it, you've seen it, thus hampering replay value. But, I will say this... Braindead 13 is the first FMV game I didn't finish in one day... and that says a lot.
NowGamer (Apr 01, 1997)
There are lots of wacky characters to meet and different routes to take, so it has got guaranteed lastability and it’s bright and humorous enough to appeal to younger gamers, whilst also being tough enough to put experienced players to the test. BrainDead 13 is nothing that hasn’t been seen before, but it’s still worth a look if you fancy a mad cartoon world instead of a standard platform game.
Video Games (Apr, 1996)
Sicher ist Braindead 13 auch auf der Playstation ein witziger Trickfilm, wenn man auf Makabres steht. Ich muß trotzdem die selben Punkte bemängeln, wie schon auf dem 3DO. Die Kommandos sind öfters unlogisch, der Levelaufbau durch spiegelverkehrte Szenarios etwas unübersichtlich und die Motivation durch das Fehlen des Komplettfilms am Schluß nicht so hoch wie bei den Dragon‘s Lair- Teilen. Gerade die endlosen Sequenzen am Schluß des Spiels lassen die ganze Geschichte im Nachhinein recht langatmig erscheinen. Wer sich nicht jedes richtige Kommando notiert, hat sowieso keine Chance, sich den Endkampf heil zu überstehen. Braindead 13 spielt man nur einmal durch, daher lautet meine Empfehlung “Für Fans“.
The Video Game Critic (May 25, 2010)
Brain Dead 13 effectively blurs the line between a working game and a defective one. I paid money for this? It's all over but the crying.