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Bravo Air Race (PlayStation)

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Consoles Plus
Air Race part d'une idée originale : des courses d'avions. Un bon jeu mais sans combat !
GamePro (US)
On the options side, Bravo offers solo, head-to-head, or time-trial modes only with 10 planes and race locales that range from desert canyons to snowy summits. The graphics and controls are adequate, but recurring breakup hampers the realism and effectiveness of the flying. Bravo Air Race is fast-moving racing fun worth at least a full-fare rental.
But after a few hours play you realise that there’s not quite enough to it to keep you coming back for more. The most memorable car games, such as Rage Racer and Formula 1 ’97 keep you coming back again and again because they make you feel more involved with the environment. Perhaps it’s the fact that you’re on solid ground and can feel the cars squealing around a corner, but the underlying feeling you’ll get from playing this is one of boredom, especially when you realise there are only four tracks in total.
Original dans son concept, généreux quant au nombre de "circuits" et d'avions, Reciproheat souffre d'une réalisation un peu juste. L'animation bien que rapide saccade lorsque l'écran est surchargé de textures, les graphismes restent dans l'ensemble assez grossiers, le clipping est vraiment mal géré et le mode multijoueur (en écran splitté) ne permet de s'affronter que sur un seul et unique circuit ! Un concept intéressant qui mériterait mieux.
All Game Guide
This could have been a great game with a little more attention devoted to increasing the replay value. The assortment of planes is nice but where are the courses? Great sense of speed, though!
In the end, Bravo Air Race resembles THQ's old quality standard (minus a movie or television tie-in): a decent premise that results in a mediocre product. If you like flying games, Bravo Air Race is a good short-term thrill, but you're better off just saving your money.
And, even if you did find yourself enjoying the game (I doubt it, but anyway) there's no circuit mode. You can only race one track at a time. Unless you fancy crashing a lot and being very frustrated, avoid Bravo Air Race.