Bubsy 3D Credits (PlayStation)

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Bubsy 3D Credits


Executive ProducerMarc Blank
ProducerMichael Berlyn
Assistant ProducerSusan Egashira
Lead DesignerMichael Berlyn
DesignMarc Blank, Richard Ham, Susan Egashira
Lead ProgrammerChristopher Reese
ProgrammersKathy Bayless, Norman Chang, Marc Blank, Tom Plunket
Level PopulationSusan Egashira
Wizard/WildcardMarc Blank
Voice TalentLani Minella
Art DesignCraig Maitlen
Lead AnimatorDarrin Hart
3D animatorMichael Maxwell
ArtistsKlee Miller, Erin Cornell, Sarah Houston
Data ManagementSarah Houston
Music & Sound EffectsLoudmouth Inc.
Manual TextMichael Berlyn, Richard Ham
Special ThanksTodd Thorson, Mark Brenneman, Friends and family


Executive ProducerSteven Ackrich
Assistant ProducerJeffrey Gregg
Test Department SupervisorAlex V. Cabal
Product Marketing ManagerMitch Kampf
Public RelationsBill Linn, Erica Krishnamurthy
Lead TesterDavid Fung
TestersForrest Marsh II, Marie Person, Arnold Galano
Manual ProductionWilliam Robinson
Special ThanksJim Barnett, David P. Grenewetzki, Stan Roach, Neil Johnston, Luis Rivas, France M. Tantiado

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