Bubsy 3D (PlayStation)

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Written by  :  Weston Sharpensteen (32)
Written on  :  May 17, 2011
Platform  :  PlayStation
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The Good

Destruction - The game came on a CD, so I can smash it easier then I can on a hard plastic case.

Story- As many flaws as this game has, it has a decent story. Aliens called "Woolies" are very mad because "Bubsy" the Bobcat has gotten back yarn which they have stolen from Earth. "Bubsy" is still on the planet, and they explain how "dangerous" you are and how to defend themselves. It's kind of stupid.

The Bad

The graphics - They look like cardboard boxes painted. Items don't even look like what they should. The opening intro feels kinda like watching a cartoon. A poorly animated and cheesy cartoon.

Voice Acting - "Bubsy" sounds NOTHING like he does on Sega Genesis. Imagine an annoying teacher, who morphed into a bobcat, telling you cheesy one-liners and how to "play" the "game". That is sadly how "Bubsy" sounds.

The controls - In a normal game if you press left you go left and right you go right. If you press left or right you move the CAMERA. THAT'S NOT HOW IT SHOULD WORK!!! This is 1996 PlayStation One 3-D, not 1994 SNES 3-D! Gameplay - This game is a cheaply made rip-off of "Super Mario 64". THANKS ACCOLADE! YOU SURE MAKE THESE TYPE OF GAMES JUST LIKE NINTENDO DOES!

The Bottom Line

If you like choppy graphics, annoying sound, twitchy controls, and an insult to "Mario 64" and "Crash Bandicoot", you'll adore "Bubsy 3-D!" If you're against any of these things, its a huge waste of time. AVGN should totally do a review of this game.

Weston - Age 11