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Bubsy 3D (PlayStation)

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Written by  :  AG Wolf (255)
Written on  :  Apr 04, 2004
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  0.57 Stars0.57 Stars0.57 Stars0.57 Stars0.57 Stars

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Holy crap...this sucks.

The Good

The fact that it was Bubsy for a next-gen (at the time) system.

The Bad

Everything...my god... I don't mean to be so blatant and to-the-quick, but seriously...this game sucks. The control is so stiff you feel like someone poured concrete into your controller; the graphics are so bland that you feel like you're back in the "3d" era immediately after vector-polygons. It's not Bubsy, it's garbage...and slow garbage at that. At least the Genesis/SNES titles were fast and fun sidescrollers. The only redeeming quality this game has is the fact that it runs in the Playstation's high-res mode...perhaps that is one of the reasons the polygon detail is few and far between, and textures are non-existent. (it makes one shudder to think what the Saturn version looks like)

A good attempt...no check that, a horrible attempt, which unfortunately doomed the cat forever :/

The Bottom Line

Traumatizing, if you've played Bubsy 1 on Genesis or SNES.