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Caesars Palace Credits

Beam Credits

ChairmanAlfred Milgrom
Executive ProducersAdam Lancman, David Giles
ProducersJames Tutton, James Halprin
ProgrammersDavid Theodore, Rod Richards, Brian Post
Technical DirectorJason Bell
Graphic ArtistsMark Houareau, Jamie Andersen
MusicMarshall Parker, Gavin Parker
Game DesignJames Halprin, Brian Uniacke
Sound DesignBrian Uniacke
QA LeadTom Hanks
QA TestersShane Collier, John Robinson, Alex Dekterev, Tim Kane, Glenn Shanley, Andrew Scott, Rhys Theodore, David Jenkins
Special ThanksHeston Barber, Stephen McNamara, Hien Tran, Craig Duturbure, Kayelene Theodore, Holger Liebnitz, Nick Anagnostou, Digiline, Ralph

Interplay Credits

Division HeadAli N. Atabek
ProducerChip Bumgardner
Sound EffectsGregory R. Allen, Rick Jackson
Audio BackgroundsCharles Deenen
Audio MasteringRick Jackson, Craig Duman
VO DirectorLisa Wasserman
VO EditorRonald Valdez
VO CoordinatorChris Borders
PhotographyRichard Ostrowski, Diane Ostrowski
QA DirectorChad Allison
Assistant DirectorColin Totman
QA Console TechSteve Cabiness
QA LeadRichard Barker
QA TestersChristopher Jones, Charles Gale, Richard Avalos, Scot Humphreys, Douglas Finch, Donnie Cornwell, James Harrison, Anthony Taylor
Manual WriterPetra Schlunk
Design and LayoutMichael L. Quintos
MarketingMonica Guerra
PRChristine Nagata, Tim Allison
TrafficJulie Anne Cruz
Gambling ConsultantsBill Bertram (Dr.), Sarah Lawson
Special ThanksDave Simon, Michael Wilkins, Michael Tomaselo, Wendy, Rebekah, Luke, Sandra, Terry, Alan Emrich, Wesley Yanagi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (165413)