Car and Driver Presents Grand Tour Racing '98 Credits


Programming and designAndrew Richards
ProgrammingAndrew Perella, Mark McClumpha
Artwork byAnthony Thornton, Brian Howie, Christopher M. Owens, John Collins, John Southgate, Joseph Hope, Kevin Mountjoy, Mark Jones, Michael Owens, Paul Docherty, Phil Witty, Rachel Bamford, Robert Nash, Shaun Allan
SoundOutsource Media, Orinoco SoundSource
Studio ManagerMalcolm Montgomery
Testing byAnthony McGarry, Richard Brooks, Mike Taylor, Bob Ian Ives, Kelvin Cannon-Brown, Marcus Bradshaw, Ryan Woolridge, Lee Cummings
MusicQuad Communications: Chaser, Pink Bomb, Stone Factory, Cruzeman, Digital Monkey.
Ocean ProducersPaul Tresise, Gareth Betts

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (128517) and BdR (5904)