Written by  :  Sam Tinianow (116)
Written on  :  Dec 23, 2001
Platform  :  PlayStation

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Best in the series

The Good

You are never done playing this game. The replayability factor is about as good as you can possibly get. It goes beyond just beating the game. There's finding the inverted castle, finding all the relics, beating all the bosses, getting all the weapons... The list goes on and on and on into infinity. For this reason, Castlevania: SOTN never gets boring to play. Really, that is all I should need to say about this game for everybody who reads this review to immediately go out and buy it (hell, buy a freakin' playstation if you don't have one, just for the sake of playing this game). It should seem like a holy miracle that there could possibly be such a game. I shouldn't need to tell you about the beautifully designed levels and play environment, or the easy-to-play interface or any of that other good stuff. That should be all you need.

The Bad

Some of the bosses are too easy. Yep, that's it. Period.

The Bottom Line

I really can't think of anyone who wouldn't like this game, except for maybe a disgruntled Konami employee in a mental institution somewhere. The big picture: You're the good-hearted son of Dracula and it's up to you to stop him from being resurrected and terrorizing humankind for all eternity. To do so, you must destroy his minions in his evil castle, find items and relics that will help you and enlist the help of characters like the castle librarian and the beautiful Maria Renard. Enjoy.