Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
The intro, pulled from Rondo of Blood. Richter and Dracula do a bit of chit-chat.
From the intro: Richter and Dracula fight.
After you beat Dracula's first form, he turns into this.
Alucard in the castle entrance
Death takes all of Alucard's stuff.
I bet you never thought you'd see those words in a Castlevania game.
After you beat the game, you can play the whole thing as Richter.
You lose!
Rising from the grave (loading a game).
Alucard finds Richter, but he's got a few friends with him...
Mist form allows you to pass throgh cell doors and other obstacles.
Consumerism at its worst: in the middle of a haunted castle some old fart puts a shop!!
Furious combat!
Castle map
In classic Castlevania behaviour all sorts of items and junk can be found by smashing torches and light sources.
Alucard Sushi...
Raiden would be proud.
A warp gate
Using magic to avoid attacks...
Flying around in bat mode.
The relics menu
Time to settle the score...
Inventory screen (Alucard's fashion tips exposed!)
Familiars menu
Alucard wading through a mob of naked guys.
Checking the monster encyclopedia for tips.
Racing around the castle in Wolf mode.
Avoiding count Orlock's strikes.
Mommy issues...
Ah... the famed naked Succubus!
Alucard confronts Maria.
The second castle appears.
Total badass. Even with a fairy floating around him.
Status screen
Turned into stone by the Medusas.
"Die monster! You don't belong in this world!"
The original warrior poet