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    Monster Fish Battle Anglers Over the Internet

    Redwood City, Calif., March 22, 2000 - Electronic Arts' Championship Bass for the PC launched today bringing a new level of online excitement and interactivity to PC fishing fans. Championship Bass allows anglers to compete in online fishing tournaments, or take things at a more leisurely pace and enjoy a relaxing day of fishing with up to eight friends in one game. Players can see their scores posted automatically onto online leaderboards and swap fishing stories over online chat sessions. The online fishing community is a virtual lake where the fish are hungry, and the tall tales get taller with each new conversation. Championship Bass for the PlayStation shipped earlier this month.

    Championship Bass is the first PC fishing game that features a "Bass Challenge" mode in which level-based scenarios test an angler's skills and strategy. The angler is rewarded as fishing skills are demonstrated and successfully utilized to catch a bass. In this Challenge mode, gamers learn valuable techniques against the computer that can be utilized in future online tournaments.

    "Fishing is a sport that America loves because it can be enjoyed in so many ways," said executive producer Randy Dersham. "In Championship Bass we have given anglers the ability to bring some of the best fishing lakes in the country onto their PC and fish exactly the way they like. Whether that means going it alone, or jumping online with thousands of others who want to size up their fishing abilities in a competitive environment, you can fish the way you like in Championship Bass."

    Championship Bass gives total access to gorgeous looking lakes, such as Sam Rayburn, Lake Mead and Lake Toho. During Championship Bass Trips and Tournaments, the angler is free to roam and fish anywhere in a true 3D world. Access to the best fishing spots on the lake is unlimited, and the lakes are huge.

    Advanced fish intelligence allows the fish to try and outwit the angler. The fish in Championship Bass show a wide range of responses to lures, strike behavior and fight strategies. Hooking the bass is just the beginning of the battle. Actually fighting the fish and landing it is where the fun comes in. The fish in Championship Bass are so smart they make false attacks on lures, return attacks and short-strike lunges. Dozens of rod, reel, weight, lure and color combinations are available to choose from in the game to help the angler succeed. Also available are numerous bonus lures, casts, boat modes and other powerups that give the angler more capabilities to catch fish.

    There are several ways to play Championship Bass. In "Bass Challenge" mode more than 50 unique scenarios test the skill and strategy of an angler. This arcade-style of gameplay requires that a certain skill be demonstrated and completed before the user can advance to the next level. In "Fishing Trip" mode, the angler enjoys free form fishing and can choose the location and conditions in which to fish. In "Tournament" mode, the angler competes against other computer opponents in a tournament setting.

    Unmatched underwater detail and beauty is in the game. Instead of boring underwater scenes that only feature dirt and water, the viewer is treated to lakes full of docks, trees, vegetation, rocks and of course the biggest and best looking bass ever seen. For screen shots and other game related information go to

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