Chaos Control Credits


Presented byBruno Bonnell
.An Infogrames Multimedia Production
Designed and published byInfogrames Multimedia

With the participation of

For Infogrames MultimediaBenoit Arribart, Anne-Cécile Bénita, John C. Blackburn, Hank Mc Bride, Judith Burneth, Fabien Chevallier, Pascal Craponne, Commander Darkhill, Jessica Darkhill, Franck Drevon, Jean-Michel Fages, Josiane Girard, Fabrice Giraud, Olivier Goulay, William Hennebois, Andrew Jenkins, Morgan Kain, Major Karanov, Lord Commander Arakh' Kreen, Olivier Masclef, Eric Mottet, Yoko Nakamura, Dominique Peyronnet, Pascal Polguere, Yannick Turbé
Special Thanks toRichard D. Nolane, ICDI, Little Big One, Medialab, Vox Populi
Original MusicThierry Carron
Special EffectsThierry Carron


Jessica DarkhillAkemi Okamura
Hank Mc BrideNaoki Bandō
Commander DarkhillKōichi Kitamura
Major KaranovAyako Taneda
Commander Andrew JenkinsToru Okawa


Producer of Japanese versionAkira Kashiwagi
Executive Producer of Japanese versionShigekazu Hayashi
Special thanks toTsugutoshi Hiroki (Harmony Creates), Yoshiki Iwasaki (IO), Tatsuya Nakamura (IO), Anne-Marie Anetts, Kumiko Tanaka, and Maruni Studio
.c - Infogrames Multimedia 1995

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (117133)