Chaos Control Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Intro movie. The very beginning... In case you don't know, this is the illustration on the "Pioneer plaque".
Seems peaceful...
Looks very tasty!
Darkhill family.
Look at me beauty... I'm begging you.
Title screen.
Menu. Let's check the sweet credits?
Statue of Liberty.
Damn aliens.
Nice view. Too bad the aliens are approaching.
Shooting sissy aliens.
Twin towers... Year 2071? Yeah right...
This sucker is very close. Maybe it wants to give a hug?
Ugh, more weird stuff.
Marine pollution sucks.
The boss or something...
Well... back to the base. Can't kill sissy aliens all the time. Let's have some human interaction.
Not sure what to say about this helmet.
Outer space. Our sweet planet is in danger. :\
Two enemies destroyed simultaneously.
That's a nice shield for sure.
After so many shots ... finally some tranquility. Though the health is almost in critical state...
Very close to the Earth. Hey Madagascar?
...... Game over movie ......
The water is all gone. Fare well Homo sapiens sapiens.
Hi-Score Table.