Chop N' Drop Credits

Original Version

Game DesignArcher Maclean
ProgrammingArcher Maclean
GraphicsArcher Maclean
AnimationArcher Maclean
Sound EffectsArcher Maclean
Music byDavid Lowe

Ignition Entertainment

Programming and ConversionJim Bagley
Executive ProducerVijay Chadha
Development ManagerJim Philpot
Packaging DesignEcho4
Manuals and LayoutKelly-ann Styles
QA and TestingPeter Rollinson
Special ThanksRichard Cooke, Sarah Per, Danny Bailey, Joy Sreeraman, Ajay Chadha, Phu Tien, Max Brown, Ismail Essack, Su Bagley, Charlotte Bagley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (179515)