From the makers of Touring Car Championship comes Colin McRae Rally, a rally title hoping to knock V-Rally over.

Codemasters has included an collection of fifty two tracks set over five countries including Greece, United Kingdom, Sweden and Australia.

Colin McRae Rally also offers a selection of eight Rally vehicles with 4WD and 2WD vehicles. The game also offers a number of game modes including Championship, Rally, Time Trial, Rally School (learn the ropes from Colin McRae himself) and a two player mode.

Contributed by Matthew Bailey (1280) on Jun 18, 2000. [revised by : Simon Koetsier (436)].

Complete in world rally events as a driver for any of the factory teams. Start with simple to handle 2WD vehicles, then graduate to more powerful 4WD vehicles. Drive in events all over the world, from green hills of England to dry dirt of Greece, from icy roads of Sweden to sandy beaches of Indonesia. Win special cheatcodes to unlock special bonus cars such as the Celica 4WD and more. Can you beat Colin in his own game?

Contributed by Kasey Chang (4617) on Nov 26, 2000.