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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Overall User Score (24 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Codemasters har hittat rätt. Känslan finns här. Och dessutom mycket av allt det andra. Läckra bilar. Massor av varierade banor. Snabb och smidig grafik. Originella funktioner och spelformer. Och dessutom en bra grundidé. En rallysimulator som verkligen bygger på hur riktiga rallymästerskap genomförs. Och med näst intill perfekt kontroll och körkänsla, som blir ännu bättre med Dual Shock. Att de dessutom har stoppat in ett alldeles ypperligt Two Player Mode gör ju inte saken sämre. Colin McRae Rally är det bästa rallyspel som har släppts till PlayStation. Det enda som gör mig lite besviken är att jag inte lyckats få syn på en enda liten älg i Värmlandsskogarna...
Video Games (Jun, 1998)
Von der steuertechnischen Seite betrachtet kann das Spiel locker den Titel „Beste Rallye-Simulation aller Zeiten“ beanspruchen. Auch wenn sich kein einziger Mitbewerber auf der Strecke befindet; was zählt ist einzig und allein der pure Fahrspaß. Das fehlende Verfolger-Element wird mit perfekter Steuerung, genialem Handling und spannendem Kursdesign zur Belanglosigkeit deklariert. Selbst die gesampelten Motorengeräusche hinterlassen einen, ungeahnt authentischen Eindruck - jeder, der einmal den böllernden Auspuffsound eines echten Rallye-Wagens gehört hat, kann dies nur bestätigen. Codemasters neuer PlayStation-Racer ist schlichtweg die neue Referenz im Rallye-Simulationsbereich. Negativ fällt eigentlich nur der lahme Zwei-Spieler-Modus auf, in dem sich beide Autos im ultraträgen Schneckentempo fortbewegen.
Edge (Jul 17, 1998)
Blessed with over 50 tracks, a reasonable two-player mode, watchable Gran Turismo-style replays and its fine handling, CMR provides the ultimate in rallying reproduction. It is more simulation than arcade title, such is the level of its authenticity. There are occasional chinks in the armour, including a sometimes-reluctant handbrake and graphical glitches, and a stronger engine and exhaust note would have been welcome. But these are not enough to detract from the fact that Colin McRae Rally is the most comprehensive – and playable – game of its genre seen to date.
PSM (Mar, 2000)
There is a downside, however, mainly due to the game's age. The graphics look a bit dated by now and while this doesn't detract from the game much at all, PlayStation owners should justifiably expect sharper graphics from new releases this late in the console's life. Surely it's not too much to ask to expect a little extra over the Japanese and European versions after all this time? It hurts to do it, because otherwise Colin McRae Rally is THE quintessential rally game out there, but this oversight alone warrants a docking of at least half a point from the score.
Power Unlimited (Jul, 1998)
Een heerlijke rallygame. Realisme in optima forma met voortreffelijk sturende wagens en een aanbod van 48 verschillende circuits.
IGN (Feb 22, 2000)
Closer to a sim than any other rally racer on the system, Colin McRae Rally is a skill based game that's deep, challenging, and varied, but still not as annoying as most sims. It beats GT2's rally racing in pure depth, with the exception of perhaps not in the amount of cars offered (well, GT2 beats every other racer that way).
I thought that more could have been made out of the Rally School feature which effectively is little more than a practice mode. It has more similarities to Micro Machines Driving School than GT's License mode and should be taken as purely a fun event. Strangely enough, when racing you soon forget that there are no other cars on the road because one lapse of concentration and you will undoubtedly veer from the course and loose valuable time. However, I eventually began to feel quite lonely and would gladly have swapped my record lap time for a slight glimpse of a vehicle in front. Even if it was the imaginary car whose stage time I had just passed. Sadly, no such luck!
PSX Extreme (Feb 23, 2000)
Rally fans and racing fans should definitely pick this one up, if you are one of those people who has been waiting for Colin McRae Rally you better run to the nearest videogame retail store and pick a copy up for yourself. Mixing, an excellent amount of tracks to be raced on, 11 cars, a very intuitive Rally School Mode and many more Colin McRae is one for the record books.
Mega Fun (Jul, 1998)
Colin McRae Rally gehört sicherlich zu den besseren Rennspielen auf den Konsolen, ein Superhit ist es aber nicht. Ohne Zweifel bringt das Spiel ein authentisches Rallygefühl rüber, aber Realitätsnähe allein bringt in diesem Genre nichts. Bei Rennspielen brauche ich immer das Gefühl, den Gegner im Nacken sitzen zu haben, dann klettert die Motivation nach oben. Sicherlich motiviert auch das Fahren gegen die Uhr, aber eben nicht in dem Maß wie der direkte Zweikampf auf einer Strecke. Colin McRae Rally hat es aber auch nicht leicht. Gerade jetzt, nachdem mit Gran Turismo der Megahit im Rennspielsektor herausgekommen ist, müssen Spiele dieses Genres schon einiges für eine hohe Wertung bieten.
Game Revolution (Mar, 2000)
Colin McRae Rally rocks. In ye olde words above there be much criticism, but keep ye in mind, that CMR’s flaws are like toilet paper on the shoe of the sexiest high-school vixen. On a trashy, repugnant woman, such a display of sloppiness would hardly stand out. But, in a game like CMR, toilet paper has absolutely no place. Wait, no. Dammit. That’s not quite what I meant. At any rate, CMR is an awesome racer that is tarnished by some sloppy design flaws. While CMR’s flaws are irritating and seem horribly out of place, it is nevertheless an oddly great game.
GameSpot (Feb 18, 2000)
Perhaps the best sign this game is merely a tad above average: If it were truly awe-inspiring, Sony would've brought it to North America much sooner. (In fact, according to the developer's web site, a sequel is expected to be released in Europe in March 2000 - a month after the game is released here!) Regardless of whether Colin McRae Rally is dated or not, it plays well enough - but its cookie-cutter formula won't sustain casual gamers' long-term interest. Only die-hard rally fans need bother.