Colony Wars III: Red Sun Credits


ProducerDave Semmens
Lead ProgrammerMike Chilton
ProgrammersGraeme Baird, Simon Booth, Julian Gold, David Ranyard, Pete Sheppard
Lead ArtistsBen Devereau, Chris Hogg
ArtistsRoger Coe, Andrew Hanson, Peter Owen-James
Lead Game DesignerSimon Stratford
DesignersJody Cobb, Mark Green, Scott Naylor, Wayne Parsons
Scenario and BackgroundRoger Coe, Chris Hogg, Wayne Parsons, Simon Stratford
Additional ProgrammingPeter Bratcher, Gareth Preece
Additional DesignJulian Gold, Wayne Imlach, David Ranyard
Additional ProductionSam Brown, Phil Quirke-Webster, Paul Walker
FMV and In Game Music Composed and Produced byGary McKill
Conducted and Orchestrated byIain Sutherland
Performed byMidland Symphony Orchestra
LeaderJohn Reid
In‑Game SFXGary McKill
Leeds Studio Executive ProducerJonathan Freedman
Leeds Studio ManagerJonathan Freedman
Head ProgrammerSam Brown
Head ProducerPhil Quirke-Webster
Head DesignerPaul Walker
Head ArtistNicky Carus-Wescott
Network AdministratorRob Needle
Office ManagerBeverly Shaw
PABeverly Shaw
Assistant Office ManagerKristy Bernard
FMV byHavoc Digital Pictures
Directed byMatthew Wood
Written byMark Gorton
AnimatorsMatthew Wood, John Lomax, Roy Fielding, John Hackleton
FMV SFXThe SoundShop
Voice Recording TechnicianRichard Joseph
Central Product ManagerDawn Paine
Manual WriterRussell Coburn
Marketing TeamKevin McSherry (SCEE), Sue Campbell, Jane Donahue
PR TeamJonathan Fargher, Glen O'Connell, Charlotte Panther (US)
Creative Services TeamMartin Harrow, Richard Turner, Rik Tyson
Voice CastingJeremy Zimmermann, Alexa Levey
Voice TalentAaron Swartz (Valdemar), Ted Maynard (The General), Marisa Vega Droga (Diva), Iann Swann (Sha'har Leader), Toni Barry (Others), Bill Dufris (Others)
Translations French/Spanish/ItalianSDL International
Translations German4‑Real Intermedia
Test Team QA ManagerChris Rowley
Assistant QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
QA SupervisorGareth Spencer
Lead TesterJenny Newby
Alpha TestAlan McArdle, Colin Berry, Matthew Brooks
Beta TestTom Rees, Richard Grannell, Jonathon Wild, Jonathon Whelan, Jon Coles
GuidelinesNeil Clarke, Andrew Craig
Software Operations Co-ordinatorJennifer Rees
Localisation ManagerVanessa Wood
Special Thanks toJuan Montes (SCEE), Chris Deering (SCEE), Shawn Layden (SCEE), Andy King, Richard Turner, Joanne Bidder, Nicola Adams, Rik Tyson, Martin Harrow, Nino Ceraolo, Patrik McCormack, Mark McGinley, Kevin Finnigan, David Footitt, Simon Jones, Liam Jones, Donald MacDonald (at BBC Resources), Andy Redfearn (at BBC Resources), George the Security Guard, Colony Wars and Vengeance Teams [Liverpool], The Entire Leeds Studio for Their Technical and Emotional Support
Voice Talent Recorded atPinewood Studios England

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (203849)