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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (US):

    The Time for Suffering is Over. The Time for Vengeance is Now.

    Crushed by the league of Free Worlds a century ago, your defeated people cry out for retribution. As a loyal Navy pilot, engage in dizzying space battles and brutal dogfights, facing mission after punishing mission in an all-out campaign for vengeance at any cost.

    • Over 40 space and planet-based missions
    • Intense battles and dogfights with a huge range of crafts and enemies
    • Over 19 acts and six different endings
    • 5 vast solar systems rich with gorgeous nebulae, minefields, asteroids, planets and more
    • Upgradable craft characteristics including shields, weapons and maneuverability

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Press Release:

    Psygnosis Carves All New Facets into this Solid as Stone Sequel

    FOSTER CITY, CA—November 5, 1998—Colony Wars: Vengeance, the awe-inspiring sequel to the original Colony Wars roars onto store shelves everywhere today. Claiming its stake as the definitive space adventure, Colony Wars: Vengeance takes off at an estimated retail price of $49.95, and is available only for the PlayStation® game console.

    Colony Wars: Vengeance is the much-heralded sequel to what is generally considered the definitive PlayStation® space shooter. The original Colony Wars brought the immersive feel of real space combat, and combined it with an intriguing storyline presenting gamers with a game of epic proportions. Introducing staunch variables such as anti-shield weapons and grappling hooks, it set out to provide a space shooter of the utmost quality—for those who dared play. Colony Wars became a ground-breaking phenomenon that set the precedence for the space shooter genre.

    Now, Colony Wars: Vengeance picks up roughly one hundred years after its predecessor left off. You assume the role of Mertens, an aspiring Navy pilot wreaking revenge against the League of Free Worlds. That’s right, the League is now the target of your unbridled attention, as you proudly participate in the Naval rebuilding process. Your leader, Kron, is a post-war throwback who uses a charismatic, albeit fierce, approach to win back what once was a proud naval dominance over the colonies. His methods are severe and his demeanor is dead serious. Your primary goal? To re-establish the Navy as the power force in the fight for space dominance and secure the necessary supplies to sustain and improve the will of the people.

    Colony Wars: Vengeance brings Psygnosis to the forefront of game development once again. With new and improved attributes, including afterburners, better weapons, allocation of your power to mission specific areas, and an open ended story line, Vengeance is a space explorer’s dream. With graphics and gameplay shooting well beyond the level anticipated in a sequel, Colony Wars: Vengeance does a spectacular job of keeping the ball rolling in orbit.


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