Colony Wars Credits


Original Game Concept and StorylineMike Ellis
Game DesignerMike Ellis
Gameplay Co‑ordinationChris Graham, David Wolsey, Graham Sidwell
Mission BuildingMike Ellis, Chris Graham, David Wolsey
Lead ProgrammerMike Anthony
ProgrammingMike Anthony, David Berrisford, Steve Davies, Gavin Dodd, Chris Roberts, Ben John, Marcus Goodey
Lead ArtistLee Carus-Wescott
In‑Game ModelsGary Burley, Lee Carus-Wescott, John Dwyer, Digby Rogers
Intro and Extro MoviesLee Carus-Wescott
In‑Game MoviesJim Bowers, N. Thompson, John Dwyer, Stuart Love, Jules Findley
Creative Graphic DesignAnthony Roberts
FMV Post ProductionSteve Gilbert, Geoff Dardis, Emma Quinn
MusicTim Wright
Sound Effect and Speech EditingTim Wright, Mike Clarke
Product ManagerLisa Cheney
Project ManagerDavid Riley
Script WriterDamon Fairclough
In Mission Speech ScriptingAndy Satterthwaite, Damon Fairclough
All Other ScriptingDamon Fairclough
All Speech Recorded AtThe Sound Company
Audio Engineered ByDavid Peacock
Audio Produced ByLee Carus-Wescott, Mike Ellis, Philip Morris, Andy Satterthwaite
Voice CastingMike Ellis, Philip Morris, Andy Satterthwaite
Voice ActorsBurt Caesar (War Veteran), Sharon Holm (L.O.F.W. Info System), Bill Dufris (L.O.F.W. Tactical Computer), Eric Meyers (Wingmen/Fleet Craft), Gary Parker (Wingmen/Fleet Craft)
Sound Post ProductionCreative Post Ltd.

Localization 1 (French/Italian/Spanish)

CastingSDL Ltd, Les Frogs Casting Ltd
Localization bySDL Ltd

Localization 2 (German)

LokalisationsmanagerRoger Schoenberg
ÜbersetzungGabi Lehmann
TonaufnahmenStudio Besser
ToningenieurMax Wankenstein
2 ToningenieurJ├╝rgen Kaiser
SprecherHeike Wielk, Eric Pittelkow, Olaf Bison, Olaf Pessler, Susanne Grawe, Max Wanko, Clemens Wangerin
Besonderen Dank AnHendrik Ackermann (DISC), Hartmut Lehmann

Testing Staff

Alpha TestingPaul Tweedle, Larry Cooney, Alan McArdle, Marvin James
Beta TestingMark Inman, Jeff Bird, Paul French, Gary Spencer
Master TestingStuart Allen, Neil Clarke, Mark O'Connor, Jason Platt, Kevin Reilly, Jonathon Wild

Psygnosis Ltd Management

Managing DirectorIan Hetherington
Director of DevelopmentAdrian Parr
Studio ManagerSarah Harris
Executive ProducerMorgan O'Rahilly
Head ProducerFeargus Carroll
Programming ManagerDavid Rose
Art ManagerIan Maber
Central Product Development Product ManagerLisa Cheney
UK Product ManagerKevin McSherry
France Product ManagerThierry Genre, Lorna Owen
U.S. Product ManagerMichael Lustenberger
Germany Product ManagerMichael Buss
International Product ManagersJane Hickey, Dawn Williams
UK Public Relations ManagerGary Nichols
U.S. Public Relations ManagerMark Day
France Public Relations ManagerBenoite Lavie
Germany Public Relations ManagerIngo Zaborowski
Australia Public Relations ManagerStefanie Wassell
International Public Relations ManagerCarolyn Seager
Technical SupportPete Edwards, Lee Rawcliffe, Stephen Henstead
Special Thanks ToStewart Sockett, John Gibson, Simon Moore, Jonathan Fargher, Kelly Evans, Jennifer Rees, Sallie Thomas, Paul Hanley
Initial Project ProductionIan A. Grieve, Cassandra Beyer
ProducerAndy Satterthwaite

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Credits for this game were contributed by BurningStickMan (18030)