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Command & Conquer: Red Alert (PlayStation)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert Credits


Original ConceptJoseph Bostic, Brett W. Sperry
ProgrammingJoseph Bostic, Jason Curtice, Simon P. Golding, Phillip W. Gorrow, Barry Green, Jonathan Lanier, William Randolph, Steve Tall
Executive ProducerSteve Wetherill
ProducerLewis S. Peterson
Technical DirectorEric Wang
Video Post ProductionKevin Becquet, Felix Kupis
Original StoryEdward Alexander Del Castillo, Ron Smith
ScreenplayAdam P. Isgreen, John Scott Lewinski, Ron Smith
Associate ProducerMichael Ward
DesignersJohn Archer, Lloyd Bell, D'Andre Campbell, Randy Greenback, Adam P. Isgreen, Michael Lightner, Erik Yeo
ArtistsChristopher D. Demers, Matthew Hansel, Joseph B. Hewitt IV, Mohanned Mansour, Damon Redmond, David T. Potter, Paul Wesberry, Brian White
Audio DirectorPaul S. Mudra
SoundtrackFrank Klepacki
Sound EffectsDwight K. Okahara
QA ManagementMichael Meischeid, Glenn Sperry
Lead Quality AssuranceRandy Greenback
QA TeamJames Adkins, Lloyd Bell, Christopher Blevens, D'Andre Campbell, Errol Campbell, Jason Campbell, Shane Dietrich, Joseph Gernert, Jonathan Hall, Christopher Hix, Christopher Holloway, Troy Leonard, DeMarlo Lewis, Levi Luke, Patrick Offord, Richard Rasmussen, Michael A. Ruppert, Steve Shockey, Michael Bailey Smith, Alaveli Springfield, John Tryon
Data EntryRhoda Y. Anderson
Movie CompressionPatrick Connelly, Tim C. Fritz
USA MarketingKeith Levenson, Christopher M. Rubyor, Laura Wheeler
Box DesignMatthew Hansel, Thomas Puckett Inc.
Manual DesignCreative Dynamics, Justin Lowrie
Special Thanks ToLouis Castle, Miss Claudia, David R. Dettmer, Greg Hjelstrom, Ian Leslie, Denzil E. Long Jr., Julian Lynn-Evans, Mike Lytle, Julie Man, Ernie McCracken, Roy Munson, Kurt Oehlschlaeger, Jeremy Olson, Rob Sandberg, SN Systems, Elsbeth Wetherill
Acting: Von EslingArthur Roberts
Acting: StavrosBarry Kramer
Acting: Albert EinsteinJohn Milford
Acting: TanyaLynne Litteer
Acting: InterrogatorDom Magwili
Acting: AnnouncerGwen Castaldi
Acting: FInale Allied SoldiersNick Paulos, Ricky Russell, Scott Ryan Tally
Acting: ALlied CommandersJoseph Bostic, Christopher D. Demers, Philip E. Shelburne, Barry Green, Matthew Hansel, Adam P. Isgreen, Frank Klepacki, Michael Lightner, William Randolph, Eric Wang
Acting: Joseph StalinEugene Dynarski
Acting: KukovCraig Cavanah
Acting: GradenkoAlan Terry
Acting:NadiaAndrea Robinson
Acting: KaneJoseph D. Kucan
Acting: Soviet SoldiersMichael Grayford, Randy Greenback, John Archer, Frank Klepacki, Felix Kupis, Christopher M. Rubyor, Erik Yeo
Ingame Voices: E.V.A.Martin Alper
Ingame Voices: TanyaLanae Freeborn
Ingame Voices: Infantry & UnitsMichael Grayford, Adam P. Isgreen, Frank Klepacki, Troy Leonard, Dwight K. Okahara, Christopher M. Rubyor, Eric Wang, Erik Yeo
DirectorJoseph D. Kucan
Costume DesignChristie Moeller
Make‑Up and HairCindy Cline
Sound EngineerPaul S. Mudra
CastingMarilee Lear
VideoKevin Becquet
LightingEric Gooch
Lead Production AssistantPaul Bastardo
Production AssistantsRick Appin, Patience Becquet, Patrick Connelly, Jeff Steven Fillhaber, Randy Greenback, Richard Rasmussen
OtherSFX Make‑UpPhilip E. Shelburne
Special Footage courtesy ofNBC News Archives Films, Fabulous Footage

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Credits for this game were contributed by ROFLBLAH (352)