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Crash Bash (PlayStation)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Crash Bash Credits

Developed By Eurocom

ProducerJon Williams
Assistant ProducerPhil Bennett
Programming David Pridmore, Stuart Johnson, Julian Walshaw-Vaughan, Steve Bak, Kris Adcock
GraphicsMatt Dixon, Steve Bamford, Clive Stevenson, Jon Parr
AnimationMark Povey, Bryan Rogers, Brian Malone-West
MusicSteve Duckworth
Sound EffectsSteve Duckworth
Tools Support Andy Mitchell, Chris Jackson, Kevin Marks
Quality Assurance ManagerMichael Robinson
Quality AssuranceAndy Dilks, Rich Higgins, Andy Lally, John Lee Barker, Chris J. Jackson, Richard Nicholls, Mark Shaw, Richard Charles
Special ThanksMichael John, Hugh Binns, Mat Sneap, Jim Wilson, Rachel Hall, Michael Botham

Designed By Cerny Games

Designed byMark Cerny, Michael John

Published By Sony Computer Entertainment America

Assistant ProducerDonovan Soto, Sam Thompson
ProducerGrady Hunt
Director of Product DevelopmentConnie Booth
Vice President of Product DevelopmentShuhei Yoshida
Director of MarketingAmi Matsumura-Blaire
Associate Product ManagerRon Eagle
Legal and Intellectual PropertyKirsten Costello, Kerry Hopkins, Lisa Lunger, Riley R. Russell III
Market ResearchJohn Crompton
PromotionsSharon Shapiro, Janeen Anderson, Donna Armentor, Aimee Duell
Public RelationsMolly Smith, Stephanie Iwamasa, Charlotte Panther, Eileen Rodriguez, Ryan Bowling
Creative ServicesMarilyn Weyant, Josh Bingham, John Diamonon, Peggy Gallagher, Ted Jalbert, Quinn Pham Le, Marie Macaspac, Ruth Sato, Jack Siler
Quality Assurance QA ManagerChristopher Caprio
SupervisorsBruce Cochrane, Tim Duzmal, Conner Morlang
Technical CoordinatorsBenjamin Briones, Sam Thompson
Database CoordinatorChristian Davis
Lead AnalystsAndrew Byrne, Derek Rayla
Assistant Lead AnalystsMichael Chang, Steven Gonzalez, Teresa Kossob
AnalystsChristian Arends, Stephanie Bein, Tim Brown, Ramon Concepcion, Mikel Dace, Christina Dena, Seth Evans, Tony Felice, Eric Franklin, Nathan Frantz, Jason Green, Sterling Haywood, Leonard Ko, Jo Anne Larson, Shannon Lynas, Henry Macairan, Seann Parker, Gretel Perez, Sean Phelps, Greg Phillips, Joe Raposo, Shawn Refoua, Will Shepard, Jakob Slipak, Aaron Whitmore, Andrew Woodworth, Russell Young

Produced By Universal Interactive Studios

Senior V.P. and General ManagerJim Wilson
Sr. ProducerVijay Lakshman
Production CoordinatorMelissa Miller, Brian Stephens
Additional Mini‑Game DesignSean Krankel, Ricci Rukavina
Quality AssuranceAnthony Ahn, Noel Galan, Josh Gottsegen, Sean Mountain
Director of MarketingPrity Patel
Marketing CoordinatorMarcus Savino
UIS Special ThanksHellene Runtagh, Cynthia Cleveland, Todd Whitford
SCEA Special ThanksBruce Adams, Gary Barth, Claudette Castillo, Lori Chase-Nardi, Sara Chenoweth, Eddy Chu, Mike Czako, Brian Dimick, Alberto Escobedo, Bob Fremgen, Gerry Gentile, Brian Hale, Kara Harris, Phil Harrison, Kaz Hirai, Betsey Horowitz, Andrew House, Jeff Hutchinson, Grace Kao, Loraine Kraus, Chuck Lacson, Colin MacLean, Kris Mathur, Frank O'Malley, Joel Pambid, Gary Pascoe, John Payne, Rich LaRocca, Maggie Rojas, Rick Rooney, Steve Ross, Peter Steinzeig, Joni Toney, Jack Tretton, Mark Valledor, Toney Wong, Fleishman‑Hillard, TBWA/Chiat Day
Special ThanksAxiom Interactive Design

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Japan)

SCEI (Japan)Tsurumi‑0600 , Ryōichi Hasegawa, Atsushi Matsushita

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

SCEEElizabeth Ashford, Kenny Mathers, Isabelle Tomatis

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