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Crusaders of Might and Magic (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Crusaders of Might and Magic Credits


DirectorDavid Georgeson
Technical DirectorBruce Burkhalter
Art DirectorYu-Fen S. Croddy
Executive ProducerNicholas Beliaeff
ProducerDavid Downing
ProductionClark Westerman
ProgrammersJean Paul Cossigny, Hugh David, Jason Hoerner, Lon Meinecke, Scott Osborn, Wendy White
Additional ProgrammersPaul Kwinn, Jay Ryness
Lead ArtistPaul Forest
ArtistsMarc Apablaza, Klee Miller, Chip Patterson, Jeff Perryman, Chris Sellers, Michael Wallin, David Wells
Additional ArtMichael Kennedy, Sarah Szundi
DesignersBruce Adams, Eric Brown
AudioWomb Music
VoiceJack Angel, Jocelyn Blue, Steven Jay Blum, Philip Lewis Clarke, Kevin Conroy, Dan Hildebrand, Jackie Gonneau, Nick Tate, Simon Templeman, James Kevin Ward
TestersChad Lowe, John Lencioni, Sean Wyman, Jesse Anacleto, David Engberg, Arthur McConnell, Lance Page, Jason Lundy, Chris McCarthy, Anthony Salter
Special ThanksScott McDaniel, Paul Robinson

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