Destruction Derby Raw (PlayStation)

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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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GameSpot UK
Destruction Derby Raw is a reminder that games can be both visually accomplished and fun. It is inventive, eminently playable and also extends its lifespan with 31 courses that provide a beautifully balanced learning curve. While the basic premise of the game remains constant throughout, which could have endangered the game's variety, Studio 33 has kept it fresh with 19 suitably worthy CPU-controlled opponents and an unpredictable nature that runs from start to finish. The Destruction Derby series has at long last lived up to its promise and the result is one of the most entertaining PlayStation racers in a long, long while.
Mega Fun
Zuallererst man bedenken, dass Destruction Derby Raw ein Titel ist, in welchem Fun noch groß geschrieben wird. Alle Simulations-Fans sollten bereits im Vorfeld Abstand nehmen. Alle anderen Zocker gelangen jedoch in den Genuss, ein Game zu zocken, das sowohl alleine als auch gegen menschliche Mitstreiter immensen Spaß bereitet. Mit einer Vielzahl an Modi und freispielbaren Boni, etwa zusätzlichen Vehikeln, übertrifft sich Psygnosis selbst. Optisch müssen zwar hier und da Abstriche in Kauf genommen werden. Aber who cares? Der Spaß zählt, sonst nix!
Power Unlimited
Gezegd kan worden dat Destruction Derby Raw een prima opvolger is van de vorige twee delen (al oogt het niet altijd even verzorgd), met een behoorlijke lange houdbaarheid. Knallen maar weer met die hap!
Destruction Derby Raw apparaît donc comme le meilleur volet de ce titre devenu un classique du genre. Tout en étant dans la continuité des versions précédentes, il s’en démarque pourtant en amenant beaucoup de nouveauté et de diversité. Grâce aux nombreux modes de jeu disponibles mais également aux possibilités accrues concernant les véhicules et le terrain, il acquiert une longévité et un renouveau d’intérêt qui faisaient sans doute défaut à ces prédécesseurs. Une fois de plus DD devrait se démarquer dans l’univers des jeux de courses en apportant à nouveau la légèreté et la subtilité qu’on lui connaissant déjà mais qui fait véritablement figure d’originalité. Un titre à déguster seul ou jusqu’à quatre et sans modération…
Absolute Playstation
This is truly a fine addition to the Destruction Derby stable and one that I can whole-heartily recommend to fans of the series and to driving nuts like myself.
Absolute Playstation
But for all of you who are new to the world of Destruction Derby, I would have to say that you would be better off saving some money and picking up one of the older games at a fraction of the cost.
Having played a substantial amount of Destruction Derby 1 and 2, I have to say that on many levels this game is better, and more well-rounded. And even in some cases, it's simply a better game than its predecessors. I prefer the Reflections engine to this one because it's so much more spectacular and complex.
Game Revolution
All in all, Destruction Derby Raw is a winner. It's nice seeing a sequel that's actually an improvement rather than just another name in a franchise.
As crazy as it may sound, Destruction Derby stands alone as the premier demolition racing series on the PlayStation. Twisted Metal has its warfare motif, and Infogrames' Demolition Racer made a good attempt, but no company has been able to achieve the same level of quality that Psygnosis has with Destruction Derby. When Psygnosis disappeared from the US gaming scene this past year, fans feared they would be taking the next installment in the series, Destruction Derby 3, with them. Thankfully, these fears turned out to be unfounded, as thanks to Midway's recent publishing deal with Psygnosis, Destruction Derby Raw, the third installment in the Destruction Derby series, is finally here.
Super Play
Grafiken hänger med hyfsat även om man är fyra och är man i rätt stämning kan det stundtals handla om högklassig underhållning. Det känns ju aldrig helt fel att först välta omkull en konkurrent och sedan med en elegant handbromssladd peta ned honom från ett trettiovåningshus. Men även skadeglädje har ju som sagt begränsad livslängd och därför är det här först och främst ett spel man hyr över en helg. Gärna i sällskap med tre andra bilskrotarentusiaster.
The Video Game Critic
As a one-player racing game, Destruction Derby Raw is respectable, but the split-screen action is a bore. DDR's graphics are good, and its grinding rock music isn't bad either. It's a decent racer, but it would benefit from more "Destruction" and less "Derby".
Raw is also a pretty uninspired game; if you've played one of the previous Destruction Derby games a lot, you'll probably get bored of this one pretty fast. Sure, the new modes add a little variety, but they aren't nearly as fun as the Destruction Derby and Wreckin' Racing modes. And even if you love those latter two games, they also offer nothing fresh. The new tracks and modes will appeal to hardcore Destruction Derby fans, but for most gamers, Raw will just feel old.