Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas Credits (PlayStation)

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Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas Credits


Lead ProgrammerShawn Leaf
Lead Console ProgrammerJohn M. Meyers
ProgrammersDan Ginsburg, Kevin C. Hu, Paul Kelly, Neal Milligan, Chris O'Conner, Elio Querze, Adam Smith, Mark Walters
Additional ProgrammingErick S. Dyke, Fred Meraud, Sean Waldron
Lead ArtistBradley Weckman
ArtistsJoel Carrol, DJ Cassel, Adam Coglan, Jody Hicks, Michael Kappers, Rik Levins, Andy Paciga, J. P. White
Additional ArtBrad Acree, Scott Cook
Cinematic Art LeadW. Randy King
Sound Design & CompositionGene M. Rozenberg
Project Game DesignJaime Wojick
Extreme Driving DesignJody Hicks
Lead Sharpshooting DesignAdam Smith
Sharpshooting DesignMark Walters
Lead Tester/ Quality AssuranceJessica Hicks
Preproduction & DesignDan O'Leary
ProducerMarcus Lindblom
Executive ProducerLarry Pacey
President of n‑SpaceErick S. Dyke
Thanks ToChris Cammack, Bob Hichborn, John W. Woznack

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kiki (86)