Dino Crisis 2 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen / Main menu
The game begins and Dylan is about to check a dead soldier corpse.
Now, Dylan is suddenly ambushed by three Velociraptors: it's dino-fighting time!
Small medpak
Equipment screen
Dylan going to the next route.
Top view of the battle
Dylan shooting dinosaurs from the top of the container.
Velociraptor information and hints
Save station
Weapons shop
Health packs
Increasing the weapon capacity.
Dylan killing three dinos near the jeep.
Dylan fighting the T-Rex.
Key plate
Map detail
Regina at the boat
Soldier body
Regina using her pistol against a raptor.
Regina meeting the first Allosaurus.
Regina entering the research facility.
The dark green raptors are a bit faster and more resilient than the default ones.
Regina using the save terminal.
Regina taking one of the helmet girls as a prisoner.
Broken bridge
Regina burning the poisonous plants.
Regina setting a pterodon ablaze.
Dinosaur barbecue
This sub-weapon creates a firewall blocking incoming enemies.
Control room
Battery slot
Dylan being eaten by an Allosaurus.