Discworld Noir Credits

Perfect Entertainment

Designed ByGregg Barnett, Chris Bateman
Produced ByGregg Barnett, Luci Black
Executive ProducerAngela Sutherland
Script ByChris Bateman
Voice Of LewtonRob Brydon
Other Characters Voiced ByRobert Llewellyn, Nigel Planer, Kate Robbins, Rob Brydon
Animation Director And Senior AnimatorSimon Turner
Technical Art DirectorDavid Hirst
Lead Game ProgrammerMark Judge
Lead Engine ProgrammerJohn Young
Art DirectorDavid Kenyon
Background Design And Concept ArtNick Martinelli
Lead Playstation ProgrammerManjit Ghataora
Character DesignMat Taylor, Ben Willsher
3D ProgrammingChris Waterworth
Character ModelsMark Booth, Warren Hawkes, Ben Willsher
Additional ProgrammingJas C. Brooke
Background ArtistsJames Ellis, Mark Booth, Warren Hawkes, David Hirst, Steve Packer, Guillaume Camus, Mohand Zennadi
AnimatorsBen Willsher, Steve Packer, Warren Hawkes, James Ellis, Darren Charles Hatton, Mark Booth
Realtime Lewton ArtistsMark Booth, David Hirst, David Swan
Front End GraphicsSteve Packer, Matthew Bell
Game Puzzle ImplementationChris Bateman, Mark Judge
Music, Songs and Sound EffectsPaul Weir
Audio DirectorRob Lord
Speech Recording And ConversionMark Bandola, Rob Lord
Additional Sound EffectsRob Lord
Songs ByChris Bateman
Technical AssistantPaul Stamp
Production AssistantSiobhan Reddy
Conduit for Uncontrolled RageColin Fuidge
Notebook Clues ByMatthew Bell, Steve Packer, James Ellis
With additional voices byRob Lord
Additional Art ByLuc Lemaire
Special Thanks From Perfect Entertainment ToJosh Kirby, Nichol Murray, Louisa Ardley
Special thanks from Perfect Entertainment for premission to reproduce extracts from the Discworld Companion by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs toVictor Gollancz Ltd

GT Interactive

Director Of Development GTGraeme Boxall
Senior Producer For GTSteven B. Sargent
Producer For GTCraig Ledski Leigh
Assistant Producer For GTTrevor Barnes
External Services Manager For GTKevin Turner
QA ManagerGraham Axford
QA SupervisorsTim Wileman, Marcus Smikle
Kode SupervisorKolin Tregaskes
Lead TesterAlys Robinson
TestersMark Dearsley, John Moorcroft, Francis Digby-Firth, Keanan Jones, Michael Richards
ManualChris Bateman
Proof ReaderJon Rouse
Manual CoordinatorMarianne Durand
Manual DesignRed Pepper Design, Resham Badhwal
Ontological ConsultantJehanine 
Special thanks from GT to All of GT's QA staffPaul Fox, Matthew Woodley, Lee Kirton, Axel Blagmore, Charlie Gig, Trent Vegaess, Bart Vormees, Rob Letts, Eric Cartman

Terry Pratchett and his agent

Agent For Terry PratchettColin Smythe
Far Too Much InterferenceTerry Pratchett

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Steven B. Sargent, 17 other games
Marcus Smikle, 16 other games
Mark Dearsley, 16 other games
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Angela Sutherland, 14 other games
Siobhan Reddy, 13 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (48326)