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Video Games (Dec, 1999)
(PAL version)
Leider fesselt Tarzan nur recht kurz vor den Screen. Ein geübter Spieler wird sogar auf dem höchsten Schwierigkeitsgrad keine großen Probleme haben, das Game an einem Wochenende durchzuspielen. Auch die stimmungsvolle Dschungelgrafik leidet etwas an Abwechslungsarmut. Bis wenige Ausnahmen (Schiff, Forscher-Camp) hangelt ihr euch nur in einer immergrünen Urwald-Kulisse von Baum zu Baum. Der stimmungsvolle Sound, genial-witzige Filmausschnitte und nette Bonusspielchen stimmen mich aber trotzdem wieder versöhnlich. Kaufen würd's ich mir's persönlich aber nicht. Den 80er gibt’s nicht für Hardcore-Zocker – für ein jüngeres Publikum ist Tarzan aber ideal geeignet.
As a fan of platform games, I have to admit the genre’s been a bit stagnant lately. I had high expectations for this title before ever cracking the box open, and while I must admit Disney’s Tarzan doesn’t go above and beyond the call of duty, it does provide a wonderful breath of fresh air compared to most of the other stale offerings out there. Go into this one expecting a fun frolic through the jungle that’s a quick, yet exhilarating fix for your platform addiction and you won’t be disappointed.
80 (Nov 18, 1999)
Certains reprocheront à Tarzan de trop ressembler au Roi Lion et ils auront raison. L'idée est en effet la même et les décors sont là pour le rappeler. Cependant, l'action est très bonne, la réalisation est à la hauteur de nos espérances tout en apportant de nouveaux effets. Un bon jeu.
GameSpot (Jul 14, 1999)
All in all, Tarzan is a pleasant surprise. The game looks good (as good as the film), sounds good (better than the film, as you can "X" out of anything you don't want to listen to), and plays quite well. While the game is not particularly mind-stumping or sophisticated, it is challenging and does require a good amount of skill, whether in jumping from place to place, knowing where hidden items might be, or fighting belligerent leopards who lunge a lot. Even if movie-license games turn you off, this game is an exception and worth taking a look at. If you can't stand Disney and have no interest in the franchise, this game is still worth looking at.
Tarzan is a fun game with good graphics and sounds. The movie clips are a great touch to set up each level. This game is definitely geared to a younger audience. Older gamers may find this game a little easy and juvenile. The objectives are simple at times, but still a lot of fun. The best part of this game had to be the number of movie clips included. I enjoyed watching these scenes from my Options menu. These clips added a little something special to the game play. Disney does a good job making these two elements work together. I found myself wanting to complete each level's objective just so I could watch the movie clips. As for the actual game, I see little replay value once you complete the game there really is no reason to play the game again. The lack of choices makes each objective straight to the point. There is little as far as strategy.
IGN (Jul 06, 1999)
Tarzan isn't the game of the century, and it has it's fair share of problems, too, but it is fun, and is magical in the same way the movie is. Luckily it doesn't fall down the hell-hole that so many other movie license games do. Disney's Tarzan stands on its own.
Video Games (Aug, 1999)
Nichtsdestotrotz ist und bleibt Tarzan ein kurzes (Fortgeschrittene strecken Großwildjäger Clayton nach knapp einem Spieltag problemlos nieder), überdurchschnittliches Hüpfvergnügen für alle Altersklassen, dem ein 2-Player Modus und eine Handvoll abgedrehter Ideen sicher nicht geschadet hätten. Für alle Import-Disney-Fans auf diesem Erdball auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen - alle andere Regenwald-Gamer warten noch geduldig (bis ins nächste Millenium?) auf Donkey Kong 64.
Tarzan's simplicity, beautiful graphics and enjoyable game play are a welcome change from the traditional movie-licensed title. So often such games rest on the laurels of the big-screen attraction and fail to bring any excitement to the small, interactive screen. Fortunately, Tarzan strays from this Hollywood/Silicon Valley formula and delivers a fun, addictive side scroller worthy of carrying the king of the jungle's name.
Power Unlimited (Jan, 2000)
Tarzan ziet er ook op de PSX prima uit maar dat is dan ook de grootste pré. Het spel is te makkelijk voor jou en mij, en kan op z'n hoogst je kleine broertje boeien. Een typische Disney-game dus.
Gamezilla (Aug 20, 1999)
If you are a fan of side scrolling platform games and you really like Disney, you should enjoy this game. Playing through I felt that there was not much that I had not seen before elsewhere (namely Disney’s own Hercules). The frustrating controls may turn off some of the younger gamers because it may be difficult for them to get past the first few levels. The game is actually pretty easy to play through but it takes more time than it should because of unnecessary deaths. But still, you can't argue that the game does not look great.
Mega Fun (Nov, 1999)
Disney-Fans werden erneut bestens bedient. Gerade die jüngeren Fans des Kinostreifens werden unweigerlich dem Charme des Hüpfers erliegen. Trotz solider technischer Umsetzung bleibt jedoch für anspruchsvollere Zocker der Spaß begrenzt, bedingt durch die starke Linearität des Jump & Runs. Andere Titel dieser Gattung weisen mehr Tiefe auf. Trotz altem gerade für Einsteiger ein empfehlenswerter Titel.
Gaming Age (Jul 08, 1999)
With its pleasant pseudo-2D graphics and refined old-school mechanics, Tarzan will certainly please anyone who desires some traditional, entertaining gameplay, as well as fans of the movie. Tarzan offers nothing particularly groundbreaking, which fans of side scrollers may very well appreciate. After all, if it ain't broken, don't fix it, right? If you answered "yes," by all means, give Tarzan a try.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 20, 2005)
Tarzan is by no means a bad game. The level design is almost consistently decent with the exception of that abysmal later level. The amount of the varieties from level to level is fantastic, but one flaw holds back this game from being a true contender in the dying 2D genre. Getting rid of the enemies is just so unnecessarily challenging and silly. If you’re a fan of the genre or movie, I suggest buying this game because it’s so cheap. Everyone else should probably give this a rental or just steer clear of it. Fruit flinging sucks.