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DOOM (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

DOOM Credits

id Software is ...

ProgrammingJohn Carmack, John Romero, Dave Taylor, Michael Abrash, John Cash
ArtAdrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud
DesignJohn Romero, Sandy Petersen, American McGee, Shawn C. Green
SupportShawn C. Green
BizJay Wilbur, Mike Wilson
Biz AssistantDonna Jackson

Williams Entertainment is ...

VP, Director Software & MusicMichael Abbot
ProgrammingAaron Seeler
ToolsAaron Seeler, Mark Guidarelli
Sound SystemScott L. Patterson
MusicAubrey Hodges
SoundsAubrey Hodges
DesignHarry E. Teasley, Randy Estrella, Timothy Heydelaar
Add'l ArtHarry E. Teasley
TestingBrian Johnson, Randy Estrella, Timothy Heydelaar, Steven Kramer, Danny Lewis, Will Shen, John Stookey
Williams Animated LogoGreg Newton
Print Design and ProductionDebra Austin, Steve High, Shawn Murphy, Dave Young
Package DesignLouis Hsu Saekow
Special ThanksAngus Guschwan, David Schwartz, Danny Lewis, Dan Burnash
Very special thanks toJohn Carmack (whose assistance was invaluable.)

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