Dracula: The Resurrection Credits


AuthorJacques Simian
Co‑scriptwriterFrancois Villard
Artistic DirectorJacques Simian
Design and animation of 3D settingsHatem Benabdallah, Jérôme Desvignes, Philippe Moebius, Sébastien Rossignol
Design and animation of 3D charactersJérôme Combe, Stéphane Hamache
Animation of 3D dialogsSébastien Rossignol
Design assistants and 3D animation of settingsVirgile Allien, Matthieu Bléhaut, Julien Cesbron, Olivier Detesta, Henri Guillaud-Beauregard, Severine Gustin, Katarsys, Julien Lambert, Laurent Ledru, Florent Rouat, Sébastien Theilot
2D animationsSeverine Gustin
2D design assistantJean-Francois Beaudart
ProgrammingPhilippe Bouet, Francois Villard
MusicLaurent Parisi
Sound effectsStephane Papa
Recording ‑ voiceoverFrancoise Blanchard (Mina), Francoise Blanchard (Dorko), Marie-Christine Dara (Barina), Marie-Christine Dara (Zalina), Lorenzo Pancino (Micha), Lorenzo Pancino (Viorel), Lorenzo Pancino (Iorga), Lorenzo Pancino (Goran), Cyrille Artaux (Jonathan), Joël Zaffarano (Dracula)
Facial capture motionActisystem, Stéphane Castang (Actor)
DialogsFrancois Villard
Production assistantsClaude Mercier, Robert Cappadoro
ProductionVincent Berlioz
Editorial committeeEmmanuel Olivier, Bernard Tani, Eve-Lise Blanc-Deleuze
Package designMarshall Zwicker, Sean Thompson, Byron Gaum

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