Written by  :  NightKid32 (39)
Written on  :  Apr 10, 2005

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Very Poor Installment to the Dragon Ball Game Series.

The Good

After I played Dragon Ball Z Legends, I was loving Dragon Ball Z. When I heard of Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, I was excited than ever. I spent my hard-earned money on a piece of crap that should've stayed in the buildings of Bandai.

Let me start by saying the opening cinematic is beautiful. It showed footage of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Some of it was even made specifically for the game. It was really just like watching the series. You are introduced to the characters of the Dragon Ball world. When the cinematic is over, you are at the menu which is designed quite nicely. You see pictures of certain characters (And if you enter certain cheats you can change the picture) and introduced to the numerous modes you can do. There is the obvious arcade mode, the vs. mode, the tournament mode, and the options mode.

When you are at the character select screen, it is designed very nicely. There aren't many characters to choose from, but they are well drawn. When you pick the characters for a fight, they actually taunt each other. If you pick specific characters from the show, they will actually say things to each other. For example, say you picked Gohan and Piccolo to fight. Gohan will say "I'm gonna blow you away Piccolo" and Piccolo will reply "Is that you Gohan?" That was a really cool feature.

The graphics are in 3-D for the first time in Dragon Ball game history. You can shoot the obvious ki (engergy) blast, but what amazed me was the stages and how much of the show they put into the game. When you fly into the air, you get the sound effects from the show. All of the backrounds come from the show as well. You can fight from a dying Namek to a wasteland.

The enemies aren't your average enemies. They are tough. You need some amount of skill to beat them. No matter the difficulty, they are still tough. When you reach the end of the game, the ending boss is one of the most breathtaking bosses I've seen. I won't spoil it, but let's just say he can't fit your T.V. screen.

The amount of characters you can unlock amazes me. It really gives you a large variety of characters from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. There are some of the coolest characters in here.

To end what I liked about this game, I'll end with this. You can sell this game to get a large amount of money. (I did that in 2001 when DBZ was beginning to be a hot show)

The Bad

I'll start by saying this. THE AMERICAN VERSION BLOWS. The voice actors are new people who sound absolutely like little children who couldn't say something about Dragon Ball to save their lives. They really do suck. The original Japanese voice actors did the voices for their characters in the game. While the opening cinematic was great and all, the Japanese version is the one Dragon Ball fans want to watch. It has the original music from DB in it. What does the American Version has? Hard Rock. I was shocked. Just shocked.

I'll move now into the characters you can play as. Yes I said there are a lot, but guess what? THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME CHARACTERS. I swear. Take Goku for example. You get him in 6 FORMS. No lie. Goku makes up most of the characters. Well, him and Trunks anyway, who has 3 forms in the game. Some characters are missing since DB was made a video game. What happened to those favorite guys, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha etc.?

Now my next grudge is against the title and how this game was released. In Japan it was called Dragon Ball: Final Bout. In America it is called Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout. Why? Perhaps they called it GT was so it would spark interest and wonder in those who never heard of Dragon Ball before. Bandai probably hoped GT would make people say "I know what Dragon Ball Z is, but what is this Dragon Ball GT?" They probably just wanted more people to buy it. (Which probably explains why it's so rare to find nowadays). I have a problem about it's release date. It was released back in '97. Why would Bandai do something like that? DBZ was beginning to air it's first episodes on T.V. and they put out a game that is a sequel to that series?! My oh my....

MY BIGGEST PROBLEM IS WITH THE GAMEPLAY. It is the worst gameplay control ever!!!! You punch once, and you have to wait about 2 seconds for your fighter to react. There are incredibly tough combos called "Meteo" that takes lightning fast reflexes to do. There are the cool ki blast war where 2 people shoot ki blasts at each other and it collides together, but I always got hit with the blast. My biggest problem is with the CPU. They have no problem with these crappy controls. They can execute their moves perfectly and they WILL hit you with the Meteo more than once. (Especially Cell)

The Bottom Line

Please, if you want to get this game, get the Japanese one. It is a lot more faithful with the Dragon Ball series. This game is crap. If you buy it, sell it after you are done! Don't say I didn't warn you!