Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi Monotachi Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen with a 3D dragon
Town at night. The shopkeepers are asleep, the stores are empty
If you press the square button, you'll see an overview of the town
Nothing beats carrying around barrels and throwing them at innocent citizens
The king explains the situation to Ryan and other soldiers
Some castle entrances have this cool 3D-scrolling view instead of the usual top-down one
Nice orgue there, dude! Before curing me from poison and saving my game, play me some Bach, willya?!
In an inn you can rest and order a whore for the night. What?!.. No, just kidding. You can only rest
Brave heroes always explore wells!
I have an idea a sniper rifle would work best against that there children-kidnapping monster in the tower
Ryan is standing outside his castle, looking quite silly
Note the beautiful forest backgrounds for this battle
In a mountain area, background looks like this
Battles on a plain have this beautiful background
Ryan at the cave entrance
You can rotate your camera, peeking around corners and creating some weird angles
Fighting two giant worms in a cave, with yet another beautiful background
Yeah, man, I played too much Dragon Warrior, and ended in the prison
Today, children, we'll learn about a great company named Enix. It was a wonderful company. None of you would be here if it didn't exist...
At night, the backgrounds change gradually
World map looks scary at night. Hurry into the town, rest in the inn!
The heroine is sleeping on the floor in the basement
A high-level party strolling through a central square of one of the bigger towns
There are a few dungeon types. You battle weird-looking creatures
You have a balloon and a ship! Best Christmas ever!
A very helpful zoomed-out world map
Cozy passageway. My party is a veritable caravan...
Cool enemies in a waterfall cave
Dungeon's aren't too complex. Treasure chests are placed liberally
Poison fields in a ruined village
A very mysterious place with a flashing magical symbol
Such teleporters will bring you to another continent
Sunset, flowers, cozy secluded house... serene and slightly sad feeling
This town has it all: peasants working in the field, priests standing on roofs for some reason...
Colorful enemies in a desert area
Locations in this town are accessed by a raft!
Ominous enemies in a sky-bound forest
A path from the secluded elf village, up a tree!
Typical Dragon Quests monsters in a castle dungeon. Look at those metal slimes - they give you lots of experience if you manage to kill them before they flee!
Tower dungeon. Be careful not to fall down
Hmm... what is this mysterious flame?
In one of the inns - carrying a flower pot and breaking it in a second
Moody village of monsters
African-like shamans attack at night!
Another place, another weird creature!