Duke Nukem: Time to Kill Credits (PlayStation)

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Duke Nukem: Time to Kill Credits

GT Interactive Software, Corp.

Senior ProducerDante Anderson
Marketing DirectorTony Kee
Product ManagerMartin Currie
Senior Test LeadThomas Zuccotti
Test LeadTim Hesse
TestersScott Donaldson, Randy Jones, Aaron Padilla, Joshua Galloway, Jeff Oviatt, James Dunn, Aaron Harris, Keith Moran, Mara'D Smith, Patrick McNeil, John Dearing, Doug Price, Jennifer Press, Patrick Stuhs
Manual EditorPeter Witcher
Associate ProducerDavid Nottingham
Promotional Asst ProducerAtom Ellis
Executive ProducerGreg Williams
Director, Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Creative DirectorVic Merritt
Production CoordinatorLiz Fierro
Senior DesignerMichael Marrs
Graphic DesignerJill Pomper
Director, Product Development ServicesMary Steer

n-Space Inc.

Lead ProgrammerChris Cammack
Team ProgrammersSean Purcell, Chris Otto, John W. Woznack, Kathleen Wilson
Black ArtsJohn M. Meyers
Game DesignerTed Newman
Art DirectorBradley Weckman
Team ArtistsAndy Paciga, W. Randy King, Jamie Gunter-Boulware, Michael Kappers, Daniel Vasallo
ProducerDan O'Leary
Cinematic ArtistsCarl Juliao, Scott Cook, Jak Fearon
Additional ArtJason Eastman, Brad Acree, Ed Gavin, Christopher Stone, Meagan Carabetta
Additional ProgrammingTom McClann
Sound Design & Audio ProgrammingJoe Abbati
Cinematic ScoringRussell Lieblich, Atom Ellis
Original Duke ThemeLee Jackson
Voice TalentJon St. John, Lani Minella, Pro‑Motions Prod. Co.
Original Game SoundtrackJeff Mac
Executive Producer/ConceptErick S. Dyke
Production ConsultantScott Berfield
Huge Thanks For Creating Duke & Tossing Us The KeysGeorge Broussard, Scott Miller, 3D Realms
Another huge thanksRon Chaimowitz
Special ThanksOur parents and loved ones, J & S Vending, The Girls of Cabaret International, Tony & DJ Billy, Flippers Pizza, Red Bull, Cheers I‑Drive, Kisha from Boca, Ryan Martorelli, The Rest of n-Space, Everyone at GT., Everyone we missed.
The Rest of n-Space Concept Art ByMike Wilkan
Single Trac's Rogue Trip Demo MovieArgonaut 3D Graphics, Benjamin Harris, Matthew Harrison, Steve Argyle
Extra Special ThanksClyde Grossman, Bob J., Chris G., Stew K.
Thanks for their patienceTrina, Tina, Cheryl, Lisa, Clay, Michelle

Special Thanks

Special ThanksHolly Newman, Jamal Jennings, Richard Davis, Sarah Anderson, Alan Behr, Mary Gerardi, Jason Schreiber, Christopher H. Ziliotto, Maxwell Taylor, Mike Ryder, Heh-Kyu Sincock, Todd Steckbeck, Kathy Butters, George Broussard, Scott Miller, the folks at RDA, Rick Raymo

Opening Theme Song

"The Thing I Hate"Performed by Stabbing Westward, From the album Duke Nukem: Music to Score By, ©1998 RED Interactive, 1998 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

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