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Player One (Nov, 1997)
Fun et intéressant sur le plan de la conduite, Felony en fera craquer plus d'un avec ses véhicules originaux et son ambiance stock-car.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Sadly, there's only a handful of tracks to choose from, and no two-player mode. Still, Felony 11-79 is a very wild ride and a definite must-play for those who really like to drive fast.
Video Games (Nov, 1997)
In Felony 11-79 dürft Ihr all das machen, was in der allgemeinen Straßenverkehrsordnung als strafbar gilt. Und das bedeutet natürlich Spaß - und zwar für einen längeren Zeitraum, als man zu Beginn glauben mag. Das meiste vom Spiel ist nämlich irgendwo innerhalb der insgesamt drei Strecken versteckt.
After revealing and completing the third stage within a couple of hours play I was amazed to see the credits roll up the screen. Surely there was more to come. Unfortunately there wasn't. Not courses, anyway. Returning to the scene of my many crimes I set about racing the stages again in the hope of unveiling further vehicles and I was pleasantly surprised to discover a few secret areas. Some are opened by brute force while others depend on your chosen route. Felony was beginning to offer far more gameplay than I first imagined. Add to this the task of revealing all 22 vehicles, which all handle so differently, and you have a game that will gleefully occupy you for a week or so.
Gamezilla (1997)
I enjoyed this game but in the end, I found myself wanting more. The only replay value is in finding short cuts or finding the secrets to unlocking the remaining cars. This is fine except that when you do unlock a new car, you have to drive it on the same old track with the same old objective. Can anyone say "Sequel?"
Mega Fun (Dec, 1997)
Felony ist wahrlich ein Wolf im Schafspelz. Denn einerseits macht es einen Heidenspaß, durch die Gegend zu brettern, alles kaputtzufahren und dafür auch noch belohnt zu werden. Andererseits schleicht sich nach einiger Zeit ein bißchen Langeweile ein, denn die drei Strecken sind einfach zu schnell gemeistert. Klar ist es noch reizvoll, die restlichen Boliden zu erspielen und anschließend eine Spritztour mit einem Panzer oder einem Formel 1- Wagen zu machen, aber drei Pisten sind einfach zu wenig. Die Grafik ist ordentlich und bietet ein abwechslungsreiches und farbenfrohes Design, was immer wieder für Abwechslung sorgt. Des weiteren wird die Asphalthatz durch die fetzigen Gittarenriffs und die authentischen Soundsamples sauber abgerundet.
IGN (Sep 10, 1997)
Driving on the beach, through a mall, and in a subway are just a few of the reasons this game is so much fun. With a little more work, and a few more tracks, it could've been awesome. As it is, it's just pretty good.
Felony 11-79 could've and should've score much higher. It's a great game with a great concept. It certainly is more interesting than any racing game on the market. The problem is, I beat the whole thing in under an hour. I don't care that the game is loaded with secret. After you beat the game, you've basically seen 95 percent of what it has to offer.
GameSpot (Oct 16, 1997)
Yes, as you might imagine, Felony 11-79 is full of good, dumb fun. Unfortunately, it's over far too quickly. Even playing through with each of the four basic vehicles (Jeep, coupe, compact, and Vespa) and discovering the several hidden paths (an alleyway, subway, and through-mall shortcut), gamers can easily finish the title within two hours. Now, how well you drive your rides may open up one or more of the 18 hidden vehicles, which range from race car to police car to garbage truck to tank?!! Granted that's a lot of variety of control, speed, and armor, but I'd gladly trade at least 16 of them to have just one more track. Perhaps a better name for this title would be "Perfect Rental."
GamesCollection (Jan 03, 2008)
In parole povere, Felony 11-79 pecca in longevità e varietà, rimanendo un passatempo divertente, buono per sfogarsi qualche ora, ma nulla più.
PSM (Aug, 1997)
Felony is one of those games you can finish in a weekend, leaving you wishing for Felony 2, but it's still a worthy title for your library. One thing's for certain, it's a welcome change from the standard "race-your-car-around-against-others" gameplay.