Fighting Force Credits

Core Design, LTD.

Lead ProgrammerMark Avory
Lead Graphic ArtistRoberto Cirillo
ProgrammersDavid Long, Neil Topham
Graphic ArtistsBrian J. Flanagan, Jeremy Oldreive, Andrew Sandham, Gary Tonge, Darren Wakeman
Music & SFXMartin Iveson
Additional MusicAnthony Wheeldon
ProducerKen Lockley
Executive ProducerJeremy Heath-Smith

Eidos Interactive

ProducerMike Schmitt
Director of Development OperationsJames Poole
Lead TesterMichael McHale
TestingTimothy Moore, Corey Fong, Jeremy Hunter, Phillip Baker, Eric W. Adams, John Arvay
Product ManagerSusan Boshkoff
Marketing SupportGary Keith, Paul Baldwin, Sutton Trout, Kelly Zavislak, Tricia Gray
Special ThanksMarc Silvestri, Top Cow Productions
Extra Special ThanksAdrian E. Smith, Jeremy Heath-Smith, Ken Lockley, Troy Horton, Andrew Thompson, Susie Hamilton, Mike McGarvey, Keith Boesky

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Credits for this game were contributed by Pyrple (668)