Written by  :  Rey Mysterio (24)
Written on  :  Nov 07, 2004
Platform  :  PlayStation

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Simply Unforgettable for all Reasons.

The Good

I haven't played many FF games but I was kind of amazed at how you could have 4 people in your party. I found it quite interesting. What I also found interesting are the stories they tell. (Gaia, Eidolons etc.) They are truly fascinating. This game is also humorous. I haven't seen much humor in FF games in a long time. The characters are amazing and they have some pretty cool background stories. They all look very neat and clean and they all have interesting names I just kept saying in my head over and over and over. One enemy in particular is very interesting. He seems very nice and all of the sudden he blows up a city or 2. That took me by surprise.

The Bad

While the characters do look neat and stuff, they all look like little children. Garnet is supposedly 16 but she looks more like a 12 year old. When I first put in this game, I said "Oh my gosh...they're all little kids!" I would've stayed with that too until they said Garnet was 16 so then I assumed they had to be teenagers. Now to some of my other problems with this game. This game is fun and all but it doesn't have a realistic touch like the other ones. In fact, this one is like those old cartoons where one person runs right pass another person and the person who was just ran by spins around in circles. That happens a lot in this game.

The Bottom Line

This is a very fun game to play. Go out and try to get the game.