Final Fantasy IX Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Main menu
Title screen
Intro: Princess Garnet
The credits continue through the beginning of the game, like in a movie. Quite beautiful
Starting the game as Zidane
A square in Alexandria
The ? sign means you can interact with the object
In a weapons store
This thingy with a read ball is Kupo, your saving point
Jumpin' on the roofs
Beautiful night
Queen Brana... yuck!!!
Nice spell effects in battle
One of the many mini-games: sword fight
Playing as Steiner
In the library
Princess and Zidane
Beautiful disc-changing screen!
A rainy day on the world map
Burmecia, the desolate homeland of your mysterious dragoon
Dali, a small, peaceful village. Lovely windmill shadow, children running and playing around...
An example of a character status screen
Battle in an icy cave against some typical monsters. Vivi in my party is asleep...
Lovely retro-steampunk atmosphere - a train station between some of the major cities
The princess is jumping over a chasm!
Checking your cards inventory
A secluded settlement on another continent - it looks pretty ancient...
Bahamut summon. Yup, this is it - the great dragon of Final Fantasy in all his glory
Exploring a grim medieval castle
Once you gain a certain type of chocobo, crossing mountains won't be a problem
Ambushed on the world map by a couple of oversized, scary spiders
Breathtaking view in one of the game's later locations
Dungeons are beautifully designed
Another awesome view - going up to the castle...
Pandemonium, Garland's twisted dungeon
A decisive boss battle about four fifths into the game
City of Treno - cats on the roof, animals walking around... lovely atmosphere!
Queen Stella will trade some collectibles for items. She tells me straight what she thinks about me!
One of the game's last locations - a psychedelic crystal dungeon!
One of the princess' most powerful summons - targeting this very powerful Kraken