Written by  :  MasterMegid (902)
Written on  :  Apr 17, 2006
Platform  :  PlayStation
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Quite possibly the most overrated game of all time....

The Good

Now that years have gone by since this game has been released I want to take a long look at this game and try to figure out my it is considered good. Speaking of good this is the part of the review in which I tell you what is good about this game. One thing springs to mind it helped Japanese rpg’s become more prevalent in America. This was also a bad thing as I will discuss later.

The Bad

Here is were I will tell what is bad about this game, I love this part. The Graphics in this game are complete crap. The characters look like partially melted Lego men. The static pre-rendered backdrops lack color or any real detail. Oddly in battle the characters are fully detailed but still Playstation quality. Why don’t they always look like this? Speaking of battle graphics what is up with the enemy design? At one point you have to fight houses.(I wish I were kidding.) Finally in the graphics department there are the FMV’s the one element that sold this game. (You know it’s true fan boys.) This is clearly were Square spent all there time and money yet they are not that impressive. The characters look like their skin is made of plastic. And since there is no voice acting they are also mute. Mute plastic people are creepy. The Character design is poor Cloud, wears some kind of blue jump suit, and Sephiroth looks like a 80 year old woman and they both have swords that are to big for their bodies. And the only armor they wear is an armlet…right. And Barret wait till you get a load of this guy he is a walking cliché and raciest to boot. Is no one else offended by this? Or is everyone who likes this game just a bigot?

The Music and Sound are also poor. For one thing all the tracks are just recycled from Aeris’s theme. So it is repetitive, and furthermore the music is all done in MIDI format…wow how high tech. The sound effects do not stand out. Hell few games manage that. And why does Square always reuse music if the Final Fantasy games do not connect?

The Gameplay is nothing special, and at times is just flat out annoying. Just typical rpg stuff. You know fight tons of random battles none of which require strategy, and occur every 10 seconds. With some very annoying mini-games that are not fun and just plain stupid. For instance when you have to help Aeris escape the Turks you have to push barrels down to slow them, the only problem is you have no idea what barrels go where, so it’s as if all the mini-games are just poorly conceived. And how could I forget the Gold Saucer portion of the game where in your party stops chasing Sephiroth to go play games and go on the Ferris wheel.

The Story is by far the worst part of this game and, is one of the worst ever written for anything. What begins as a evil corporation vs. a resistance quickly becomes a tangled complicated mess. With 80 year old granny villains, planet life energy, materia, a confused past, it just make no sense. It is almost as if Square had different teams working on different parts of the story all in secret from one another and then threw it all together to get this confused pile of shit. The characters never get interesting. And the dialogue is contrived and never goes anywhere. The part of the game in which Aeris dies is suppossed to be sad and dramatic, yet the other characters seem unmoved by her death, if they are are not upset why should you be?

The Bottom Line

In the end Final Fantasy VII is just a big budget game with a plot that goes no where and is purely idiotic.Earlier I mentioned how making rpg's more popular was also a bad thing. Let me clarify that, after this game came out better games tried to emulate it and were ruined i.e. Arc The Lad IV. Unless you want to play an overrated game avoid this one.