Written by  :  Fading3 (21)
Written on  :  Dec 05, 2005
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Yuffie, give back all my materia!..

The Good

The graphics and the music are so significant, I just got addicted to them. Following the development of the story, the fates of different characters are so touching, as there is jealousy, sacrifice, friendship, love, and betrayal, they all seem real to me. And the battles use ATB (Active Time Battle) system, it's one of the big differences from other RPGs. Also, on map you can use different means of transportation, such as airship, vehicles, ships, and various chocobos. The materia system is also very interesting, you have to raise their levels in battles. In some secret places, you could find many powerful weapons, items, or summon materias. Don't miss it.

There is an "international" version of the game, there are several differences, overall the versions are more or less the same. The international version has an extra disc with bonus material: CG, desktop skins, sounds, music, animations, and original design.

The Bad

Nothing bad... maybe the PC version's requirements were too high for that time, and sometimes if the hardware was not fitting, the game wouldn't work properly all the time.

The Bottom Line

It's a perfect game with perfect graphics, perfect battles, perfect characters, and perfect story. Just play it, you won't be disappointed.