Written by  :  Indra is stressed (20719)
Written on  :  Aug 12, 2003
Platform  :  PlayStation
Rating  :  4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars

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Worst RPG I've ever played when I played it the first 4 times. Best RPG I've ever played after the 5th try...

The Good

If there was one game series that was worthy enough to go on the hall of legends for ANY platform, Final Fantasy would be it.

Final Fantasy VIII took a reality check from by providing more 'realistic' or 'human' graphics. An upgrade to my opinion, although I can't objectively say its better - each Final Fantasy series (well most of them anyway) present there own unique style.

Final Fantasy VIII would be the Playstation version of the PC's "Diablo" (of is it the other way around) -- Introducing 2-5 minute cut-scenes that are better than a lot of 2 hour movies.

The character's in the game represent different aspects of human personality. Obviously, the main hero - Squall usually represents the hero-rebel that most of us went through during our teenage years. The "secondary" game plot revolves around these personalities. The developers made a great detailed job of opening the mysteries of each character - their emotions, dreams, fears and personal lives making Final Fantasy VIII a whole bunch of little stories into one great big scenario of story telling.

This game is indeed a product of a master storyteller.

The Bad

Well, you can read about the more good stuff in other reviews. However, l'd like to focus mine on the bad stuff.

Although as much as I love Final Fantasy VIII, the process of loving it was a long and hard rough journey. As seen in the One-line Summary, it took me 4 times to play this game to completely appreciate the game. If it weren't because of Final Fantasy VII, I doubt I'd be as patient in trying out the game 4 times.

There are many features that were difficult to understand for players familiar with the Final Fantasy concept, much less for those unfamiliar with it. I would rate user-friendliness a low mark on that area, honestly. This game can be also frustrating if your a perfectionist-style player. I've re-played this game 5 times, and each time I've found-out something new. This would be one of those games where you'd better buy the clue book unless you miss something.

In relation to that, there are a lot of events that without the clue book/walkthrough, I'm sure you'll miss out on. I don't quite enjoy the fact that when you reach the final battle, someone tells you you've missed a couple of GI's. Such inputs can be very frustrating and annoying. This game is a good example that sometimes "too much freedom of choice" can have its drawbacks.

The Bottom Line

Get this game like your life depended on it.