Formula One 2001 (PlayStation)

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Formula One 2001 Credits

Studio 33

ProgrammersEric Cheung, Glyn Faulkner, Phil Hilliard, Fraser McLachlan, Shaun Morris, Tom Shepherd, John White
ArtworkSimon Forster, Darrell Gallagher, Paul Houlders, Skulina Hlif Kjartansdottir, Lee Wagner
AudioAnastasios Brakis, Nick Metcalfe
Additional Programming Chris Carty, Dimitrios Chamouratidis, Nick Koufou, Daniel Treble
Additional ArtworkJohn Carter, Dave Newhouse, Dominic Giles
Special ThanksSandra Connor, Dave Glanister, Ian Hall, Nick Hinton, Vaggelis Livaditis

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

ProducerPaul Evason
Product ManagerKevin McSherry
Director of External DevelopmentMichael Denny
External Development AdministratorJoanne Richardson
PR ExecutiveImogen Baker
Manual and Packaging TextRussell Coburn
Manual and Packaging DesignRichard Turner
Manual ApprovalLee Travers, Peter Gawthorne
Marketing ArtistDan Levy
Head of Studio CommicationsClemens Wangerin
In‑Game CommentaryMurray Walker, Martin Brundle
In‑Game MusicGary McKill
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson
QA SupervisorGary Spencer
Lead SupervisorAlan McArdle
Test TeamCarl Robinson, Jenny Newby, Richard Grannell, Jonathon Wild, Stephen Allen, Musa Yilla, Mark O'Connor, Mike Aspinall, Carl Seddon, John McLaughlin, Richard Bunn, Darren Perkins, Graham Foxall, Dean Houghton, Karl Jones, James Whittaker, Darren Bowen, Phil Bramhill
 CD Duplication ManagerCraig Duddle
CD Duplication TeamBJ Edwards, Chris Stanley
Planning and Localisation ManagerVanessa Wood
Software Operations Co-ordinatorJennifer Rees
Localisation TestingBritta Kuhnen, Gaëlle Leysour, Susana Paredes, Nadège Josa
Formula One Management Laura McNamara

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Credits for this game were contributed by havoc of smeg (15795)