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Formula One 99 (PlayStation)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Formula One 99 Credits


ProducerMichael Johnson
Product Development ManagerClemens Wangerin
Associate ProducerEmma Greenfield
Head of External DevelopmentSteven Riding
CommunicationsAlison Hill
Technical AdvisorEwen Honeyman
Sound EngineerMichael De Belle
Materials Co‑ordinatorsMartin Harrow, Rik Tyson
Business AffairsJoanne Stuttard
Additional Packaging DesignRichard Turner
Manual written byRussell Coburn, Michael Johnson
Commentary written byMichael Johnson, Will Shiers
Commentary edited byRussell Coburn, Michael Johnson
Senior QA SupervisorDavid Parkinson
QA SupervisorStuart Allen
Alpha Lead TesterAlan McArdle
Alpha Test TeamColin Berry, Matthew Brooks
Beta Lead TesterRobert Sutton
Beta Test TeamJohn Hale, Jason Platt, Mark O'Connor, Michael Aspinall, Paul French, Chris Cubbin, John Delaney, Simon Darracott, Joe Bastin, Andy Jones
Technical ManagerPeter Walton
Technical AssistantsBarry John Edwards, Mark Lockitt, Christopher Stanley, Craig Duddle
Guideline AuditorNeil Clarke
Software OperationsVanessa Wood, Jennifer Rees
FMV Intro Sequence ArtistsDan Levy, Adam Burnett, Brian McGrath, Gary Burley, Christian Lavoie, John Dwyer, Dave Crook, Jeff Bramfitt
Intro Sequence ProducersLol Scragg, Emma Greenfield
Intro Sequence EditingSteve Gilbert
Post ProductionSteve Gilbert, Dan Levy
Intro Sequence MusicDaniel L. Griffiths
In‑game MusicMike Clarke
French / Finnish TranslationsSDL
Italian / Spanish TranslationsProject Synthesis
German Translation4‑Real Intermedia
Special Thanks ToTim Adams, Martin Brundle, Murray Walker, Sutton Motorsport Images, Everette Surrat, Jenson Button, everyone at the FOA circuit department, everyone in the F1 industry, Mia Sharizman Ismail, the team at the Sepang Circuit Malaysia, George Fornay, Simon Rutter, David Reeves, David Patton, Scott Gerrod, Heiko Wasser, Pierre Van Vliet, Dave Lewis, Dave Hill, Ted Kravitz, Paul Virr, Roger Schoenberg, Peter Gawthorne, Sacha Woodward-Hill (Formula One Administration Ltd.), Laura McNamara (Formula One Administration Ltd.), and all those we possibly forgot. Thank you!

Studio 33

CarsSimon Forster, Darrell Gallagher
TracksBeverley Bright, Carl Dalton, Simon Forster, Dominic Giles, Paul Houlders, Skulina Hlif Kjartansdottir, Jeremy Ramsay, Murti A. Schofield
Graphic DesignLee Wagner
TexturesDarrell Gallagher
Project ManagementRalph Ferneyhough
3D EngineNick Koufou, John White
3D EffectsPaul Carter, Phil Hilliard, Daniel Treble
LightingPaul Carter, Nick Koufou
AIChris Carty
DynamicsPhil Hilliard
Front‑endDavid J. Looker
Game ProgrammingEric Cheung, Ralph Ferneyhough, Paul Harper, Fraser McLachlan
SoundJason Tinkler
CD CreationPhil Hilliard, Fraser McLachlan
ToolsRon Oulton
Managing DirectorJohn White
SupportLuke Boumphrey, John Carter, Sandra Connor, Ian Hall, Matt Jenkins, Martin MacGill, Shaun Morris, Dave Newhouse, Sean Parkinson, Richard Read, Val Reekie, Tom Shepherd, Richard John Yandle
Special ThanksYeonKyung Kim, Bizarre Creations

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Group Product ManagerKevin McSherry
European Public RelationsElizabeth Ashford
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerChris Rowley
Manual ApprovalLee Travers, Stephen Griffiths
Senior Print Co‑ordinatorMartin Pearce
Print BuyerNatalie Norris
Software Development Vice PresidentJuan Montes
Director of International Software OperationsShawn Layden

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Credits for this game were contributed by Mike Clarke (57) and karttu (4607)