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(European version)
Micro Maniacs is one of those 'must buy' titles, especially if you are fond of having a few friends around for an evenings gaming. Because the pace is so fast and furious nobody waits too long before they are allowed back in again. You don't even need extra peripherals to join in because two pads may be shared between four players. As a single player game there is ample to do with many tournaments and challenges against computer controlled characters. It's just that if you miss out on the multi-player madness, then your missing out on half the game. Go get some!
(US version)
Fox Kids Micro Maniacs Racing is truly a marvelous game. It is the prefect progression in the micro racing series and features a plethora of tracks, vehicles and racers. The imagination used here by the developers is impressive indeed with courses that run the full gambit from racing across the rim of a bathtub to riding the back of a bumblebee in the backyard. All of them are presented in a fine graphical fashion that really depict the environments from a wee characters perspective. The real draw in this game though is in the multi-player mode. With up to eight people being able to race, it is pure chaos and enjoyment! Fight through the pack, knock you friends off the course and do anything it takes to pull in the victory! From the wonderful menu's and game interface to the wacky characters and racing environments, this is a true blast and comes highly recommended.
Med de fullkomligt galna karaktärerna och de intrikata och underfundiga banorna är Micro Maniacs ett fantastiskt bra spel. Halvkul att spela själv, men helt gudomligt med några jämspelta kompisar.
85 (Apr 07, 2000)
Un jeu qui mérite d'aller directement dans votre console. Aucun défaut de technique ni de gameplay et de longues heures de jeu devant vous pour la suite de la saga des Micro Machines. Très bon jeu.
Power Unlimited (May, 2000)
Micro Maniacs is Micro Machines maar dan te voet. De tracks zijn prachtig, de besturing van de characters loopt lekker en de graphics zien er fingerlicking goed uit. Maar het leukst is natuurlijk de supermelige multiplayer mode. Kopen als je van het micro-genre houdt!
Video Games (Apr, 2000)
Was'n Multiplayer-Spaß! Absolut saubere und fehlerfreie Präsentation in Verbindung mit abgespacten Charakteren, niedlichen Soundeffekten und der durchweg überdurchschnittlichen Musik sorgen für Motivation am Pad. Doch das Wichtigste, das Game-Design, kann ebenso überzeugen: Die Strecken sind dank fieser Schikane tricky zu meistern, und erst nach einigen Durchgängen habt ihr euch den Verlauf eingeprägt. Zudem sorgen viele verschiedene Parcours für Abwechslung sondergleichen. Ein Multiplayer-Game, bei dem sogar Solo-Fun-Racer zuschlagen.
Mega Fun (Apr, 2000)
Micro Maniacs ist schon ein gutes Spiel, vor allem wenn ein paar Leute zusammensitzen und gegeneinander antreten. Alleine verliert das Game leider relativ früh seinen Reiz. Zwar motivieren die vielen freizuspielenden Strecken eine ganze Zeit lang, am meisten Spaß macht das Spiel aber einfach in der Gruppe. Und das ist das große Manko von Micro Maniacs. Ansonsten ist dieser Titel ein würdiger Nachfolger der Micro-Machines-Reihe.
PSM (Jun, 2000)
Despite a few irritating problems - mostly caused by poorly defined track borders and shortcuts that turn out to be the quickest way to get sent to the back of the pack - the competitive aspects of the game make for some very fierce, and noisy, fun. Micro Maniacs is best treated as a party game and if you're playing it alone, you're not only a sad individual, but you're also missing the point. Call your friends, crack open some liquid refreshment, pop the game in, and prepare for hilarity to ensue.
IGN (Oct 20, 2000)
All of that said, there is still no better reason to own a multitap than Codemaster's Micro series, and with weapons, more elaborate and twisted stages, and loopy gameplay around every corner, Micro Maniacs is the best pure jolt of party gaming yet. You don't have to love these perverted human freak-show spaz kids -- with a face like theirs, it would be very tough to -- but humor the geeks for your own sake. They just came out to play.
GameSpot (Nov 28, 2000)
When all is said and done, Micro Maniacs is just another Micro Machines game. Even though you're running around with miniature monsters this time, the gameplay, graphical feel, and challenge are the same. As such, those new to the Micro series will have a lot of joyous discovery ahead of them, while fans of the series will continue to be delighted. Unfortunately, those frustrated by the series' restrictive camera angles and dated gameplay won't find anything new to change their minds.
It's not the easiest game to control, but after you get the hang of things it's great fun. The objects are enjoyable in themselves, because you can jump over and slide under them. If you cut a corner, then your player will disappear and reappear where you started to go wrong. This can get very annoying at times, but other than that it's a no-holds-barred contest.
Men problemet är att Micro Maniacs är så svårt. Det är näst intill omöjligt att hela tiden hålla sig kvar inom de markerade banlinjerna, och varje gång man hamnar lite för långt ut stannar spelet och man får börja en bra bit tillbaka på banan. För att få till ett perfekt varv krävs det att man spelar så många gånger att man lär sig banan utantill, och så ska inte ett riktigt bra racingspel fungera.