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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (UK):
    The corporate war is over, but the terror continues on the streets of Callisto. And now the G-Police are under investigation, the pressure's on to sort things out for good.

    The versatile G-Police airborne gunships are now joined by weapon-filled cop cars and the lethal Raptor MK II ground assault vehicle; you'll need to master them all to defend the G-Police name and defeat the most dangerous enemy yet.

    • Your fearsome arsenal includes 2 airborne gunships, an armoured car, a space craft and deadly mech-robot
    • Fly, drive and stalk your way through 30 action-filled missions
    • Move freely around huge, living 3D cities
    • Command wingmen and ground teams
    • Vast, cinematic style with you at the heart of the action

    Contributed by TechSmurfy (918) on Feb 23, 2012.

Back of Case - (US):

    Maximum Firepower. Zero Tolerance.

    The war is over but the battle's just begun. Join the GPolice as they outgun and outrun their deadliest enemies yet in street, air and space combat.

    5 heavily armed vehicles to control- the Venom and Havoc gunship helicopters, the deadly Raptor ground-attack mech, the Corsair superfast space-cruiser and the Rhino armored patrol car.

    Dogfight, dive, soar, hover, jump and race through 30 multi-tiered, explosive land and air-based combat missions.

    25 different kinds of weapons including hyper velocity missiles, rapid-fire plasma cannons, cluster bombs and more!

    Real-time, pre-cut sequences expertly link missions to immerse you into the dark, desperate G Police world.

    Feel the tension and danger as you explore a full 3D environment, from dangerous underground caverns to vast outerspace and everything in between.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69437) on Jul 23, 2006.


    Violence and carnage exist on the streets of Callisto. War has ended but it makes no difference to those who continue to battle it out on the streets. The G-Police force has maintained control but is suffering from a depletion of resources. Help is desperately needed to crush the newly emerging crime syndicates. If nothing is done, civil war will be the only answer.

    You have five different vehicles at your disposal: two airborne gun-ships, a mech robot, an armoured car and spacecraft. Using these weapons of justice to your advantage, you must tackle over thirty different missions throughout massive 3D cityscapes.

    The future of Callisto lies in your hands, welcome to G-Police: Weapons of Justice.

    See the G-Police: Weapons of Justice Game Site

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Nov 15, 2004.