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IGN (Sep 29, 1999)
An excellent blend of arcade action and deep, involving sim that practically guarantees you'll have more luck placing bets next time you visit the race track!
I'm not quite sure whether Tecmo intended Gallop Racer to be a management sim or a straight arcade racer. Regardless they seem to have just about hit the balance perfectly. It doesn't get too deep in statistics to bore the hell out of the average gamer while the brilliant racing action comes fast and frequently. Gallop Racer is a worthy effort and is worth at least a rental. However with the vastly improved Gallop Racer 2 on the horizon it may preferable to hold back the reins for a few more months before purchasing your first PSX horse racing game.
PSX Nation (Aug 10, 2001)
The system's best horse racing (and breeding) sim isn't perfect and it looks like the three-year old piece of outdated (and cheap-enough to find used) software that it is, but there's longevity here for the committed horse racing fanatic that's in too deep. Hold tight for "Gallop Racer 2" on PS2 soon though, because then things will go from 32-bit scary to 128-bit bumpy.
NowGamer (Mar 17, 1999)
The race itself proves a lot less involving than the set-up stages, with little to worry about besides whacking the poor beast to within an inch of its life at the right moment. Crashing isn’t the issue it is with car games, so steering requires little thought and you’re left wondering where the excitement and skill is.
Game Revolution (Jan 07, 2004)
The final question that must be asked is why? Who will buy this game? Actual racing is boring, and the real-life horseracing elements are toned down for this release. Here's a message to game companies for the next time they think about making another horseracing game: Leave the gambling in, for God's sake. Otherwise, it's one boring race.