Gear Senshi Dendoh Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

(Intro movie) The titular mecha Dendoh
(Intro movie) Knight GEAR Ogre, Dendoh's rival
(Intro movie) The two mechas facing off. They seem to have tires on their forearms and legs. And for good reason.
Title Screen
The evil mastermind
The invasion begins
Me is guy with big stick
Besides weapons, Dendoh can grab enemies, throw them into others, or perform a wrestling move like this
The first quasi(?) boss
Whirl kick. See how the tires come in handy now?
Another use of the tires ... Sliding. Neat!
First level (mini?) boss. Before he blows up
Energy Refill
The Knigh GEAR Orge and its pilot, a recurring boss
Finishing off the Knight GEAR Orge
The Unicorn Drill data weapon vanishing.
It is ours now !
Unicorn Drill in action during Beat-em-up part of level 2 ...
... And during Versus segment. Kame... hame... Ha! :)
And Knight GEAR Orge returns the favor with his Lion Saw
Second Data Weapon Acquired (It looks somewhat like a panda, but the heroes call it "Lion" or something when they summon it , so I guess it's a lion :)